Forget crystal balls— predict the future with asparagus : Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Comedian Marie Faustin and Emma learn the future from a bunch of asparagus and meet a mystery person while Emma's mom stops by with a helpful tip.

Forget crystal balls— predict the future with asparagus

Forget crystal balls— predict the future with asparagus

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Everyone &amp; Asparagus
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There are many ways you can try to see the future: tarot cards, crystal orbs and... asparagus reading? Yes, it turns out that asparagus can be used for more than just a side dish for your salmon. Jemima Packington, aka Mystic Veg, has a talent for seeing into the future. She correctly predicted Boris Johnson would be Prime Minister years before he was elected, foretold A Star is Born would win an Academy Award and knew I would regret staying up all night watching TikToks on my phone instead of going to bed... wait, I predicted that last one.

But how does Packington do it? Well, it's kind of like reading tea leaves except you can make yourself a delicious frittata afterwards. "It's the ultimate in recycling," Packington said. She discovered this talent when she was a child after she grabbed too many spears of the supernatural veggie and some fell on the floor. Jemima had an elderly aunt who read tea leaves, and remembers her parent's reaction as she stared at the patterns of the fallen asparagus, "My parents sort of looked at one another and they thought, 'oh, it's skipping a generation.'"

According to Jemima, asparagus is the perfect thing for predicting the future. "The asparagus is such an earthy vegetable, it's very robust, it's very quick growing[...] it seems able to take on the energy of whoever wants a prediction. So it's that energy that affects the asparagus and how it makes patterns and how I can interpret." Take that, astrology!

And who wants a prediction? Our guest this week, comedian Marie Faustin! She got the chance to ask Mystic Veg about her love life... What did Mystic Veg say? Find out by listening to this week's new episode!

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