It's an 'Everyone & Their Mom' family reunion! : Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Emma throws a family reunion! Uncle Dennis sings Elvis, her mom shares all her tips for avoiding bad luck, and Emma embarrasses her dad and little brother. Grab a plate, it's a party!

It's an 'Everyone & Their Mom' family reunion!

It's an 'Everyone & Their Mom' family reunion!

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Everyone & Family Reunions
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We are family!

She's got all her sisters (and brother and uncle and mom and dad) with her! Host Emma Choi is throwing a family reunion, and you're invited. You'll hear some of our favorite moments from the show featuring her family, some you may have heard before and some that are brand new. So come on in and make yourself at home.

Dennis, not a menace

In comes Emma's Uncle Dennis, who's the known life of the party. She talks with him about being the fun uncle of the family, his time as a deacon and his stint as an Elvis impersonator. Viva Las Dennis, baby!

Very superstitious

We all have our little routines that bring us luck. Some people avoid black cats and walking under ladders, but Emma's mom has her own family traditions to stay lucky. Be ready with a pair of tweezers for this one!

Oh, brother

Is there anything more romantic than writing a song for someone? Emma's little brother Nathan doesn't think so. Our producer Jennifer Mills asks Nathan about a jazz piano song he wrote for a crush and also one that he wrote for his dog. Who's to say which one is more romantic, really?

Playing the name game

There's nothing more dad-like than forgetting the names of your kid's friends that you've known for years. Emma's dad plays a game where she shows him photos of her friends (and maybe Pete Davidson) and he has to name them.

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