Firms big and small are facing a crisis. There's not enough accountants (CPAs) : The Indicator from Planet Money We crunched the numbers (on Excel of course), and the results are in. There's not enough Certified Public Accountants right now. Can the world of finance come up with a solution to address this issue?

If the world had no accountants

If the world had no accountants

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3rd October 1925: Rows of clerks at work making manual entries to the ledgers in the interior of a bank, while a doorman stands by the door. (Photo by Davies/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)
Davies/Getty Images

As the unsung heroes of the financial world, CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) are responsible for a wide range of important tasks, from balancing the books to investigating fraud. So what happens when there's not enough of them?

Today on the show, find out how the financial world is accounting for the lack of accountants. We explain the difficult process of becoming a CPA and the cruel realities after.

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