Steve Buscemi play Not My Job on NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" It's summertime and the living is still sort of complicated. While we enjoy our summer break, we bring you a show filled with some of our favorite in-person guests!

'Wait Wait' for August 13, 2022: Live from the Past!

'Wait Wait' for August 13, 2022: Live from the Past!

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We're on summer vacation, avoiding all responsibility, so what better time to revisit some of our favorite guests who joined us live and in-person!

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Lars Ulrich of Metallica performs in concert.
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Not My Job: We quiz Steve Buscemi on Government Jobs
Steve Buscemi is one of the most recognizable actors in the world, but he started his career working in public service. We see if he can answer our three questions about thrilling government jobs.

Not My Job: We ask Lars Ulrich about Puppet Masters
Lars Ulrich is the drummer of the legendary metal band Metallica, whose classic album Master of Puppets is having a cultural renaissance. But, what does Lars know about actual puppeteers?

Not My Job: SNL's Aidy Bryant answers three questions about '80s Brians
Aidy Bryant, comedian on SNL and star of Shrill, answers three questions about '80s Brians: people named Brian in the 1980s.

Not My Job: Alan Cumming gets quizzed on bad wives
Alan Cumming has played it all, from superheroes to Bond villains, but when he joined us in Chicago, he was promoting his role on The Good Wife. So, naturally, we asked him three questions about bad wives.

Not My Job: We ask Jeff Daniels about Steves' jobs
Jeff Daniels joined us in LA to promote his role in Steve Jobs, so we invited him on to answer three questions about people named Steve and the jobs they do.