Jobs are increasing, but long COVID-19 may be keeping people out the labor force : The Indicator from Planet Money Headaches, fatigue, trouble breathing...the lingering health effects of COVID-19 continue to haunt millions of Americans, and the labor market, too.

Long COVID and the labor market

Long COVID and the labor market

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ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images
Paramedics wear enhanced Personal Protective Equipment as they assist a woman who is experiencing Covid-19.
ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Jobs were on the up and up this August. But even though the total number of jobs returned to pre-pandemic levels, there's still nearly 3 million fewer people in the labor force. Where are they?

For many, the lasting health impacts of COVID-19 continue to haunt them. Whether it be headaches, brain fog or fatigue, "long haulers" with continued symptoms are scaling back their work for health reasons. But how can we capture this trend through numbers?

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