How do you navigate information gaps between you and your family and friends? Members of diaspora communities — NPR wants to hear your stories about navigating discussions with family and friends when you aren't on the same page about what's happening in the world.

Share your stories of navigating information gaps with friends and family overseas

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Grandmother and granddaughter look at contents on digital tablet together.
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Are you someone who lives in the U.S. and has family and friends overseas, or do you have family members with these connections? Do you find yourself having sometimes complicated discussions with them about whether the information you are seeing online, on TV or on the radio is accurate and fair compared with what they are seeing?

Maybe you and your loved ones disagree on whether mothers should insist on breastfeeding or maybe you have had discussions involving public health, politics, international affairs or another topic. You could be having this conversation in person, online or in family group chats.

If so, NPR would like to hear about how you navigate these conversations. Please fill out the form below, and an NPR producer or reporter might follow up with you.

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