How Amber Ruffin became the new purple M&M : Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Amber Ruffin, host of The Amber Ruffin Show on Peacock and the purple M&M, plays our game called "Roughin' It" Three questions about camping. Joining in are panelists Karen Chee, Hari Kondabolu and Maz Jobrani.
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How Amber Ruffin landed the role of a lifetime: The purple M&M

How Amber Ruffin landed the role of a lifetime: The purple M&M

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Amber Ruffin

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Amber Ruffin started out as a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers. She then became a performer on the show, then got a late night show of her own, The Amber Ruffin Show, now in its 3rd season. We're excited to have her here before she takes over the entire network.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Peter Sagal: The main thing I really wanted to talk to you about was your amazing honor. Frankly, I've never talked to anybody who's ever accomplished this, you play an M&M in the ads. You're the new purple M&M, is that right?

Amber Ruffin: Can. You Freaking. Stand. It! No one loves this more than me, this is the coolest.

PS: How do you land that gig?

Buddy, they called me and asked me to audition, and then one day, they're like, "You're it. You're the purple M&M."

PS: How do you audition for an M&M?

They give you a drawing of the M&M and then like,"This is purple. She's outgoing and quirky. She makes mistakes, but she's fine with it," like that! They had it all extra figured out, it was so cute!

PS: She makes mistakes but she's fine with it?! "Hello. I'm purple. I killed a guy, but it was an accident. We're good!"

Karen Chee: Wait, did you get a lifetime supply of M&Ms?

No, why aren't you my agent?

KC: They pay you in real money and not M&Ms?

Yeah, and that's a mess up.

PS: What kind of notes do you get when you perform as an M&M? Like you do a take and they're like "Amber, that's great. But remember, the heart of you is a nut. You're solid inside, can you show us that?"

They do.

KC: Do you know who you beat out for the purple M&M?

No! That's a great question!

KC: You and like, Larry David.

Yeah, it was me and Larry David!

KC: A quirky gal who makes mistakes!

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