Have you invested in crypto on FTX? We want to hear from you A prominent cryptocurrency trading platform, FTX, has collapsed cutting off investors from their holdings. If you've invested in crypto, NPR wants to hear your story.

Have you invested in crypto on FTX or other platforms? We want to hear from you

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NPR wants to hear from you!


The spectacular collapse of FTX, one of the most prominent platforms for trading cryptocurrency has left many investors unable to access money in their trading accounts. And it's shaking the confidence of crypto investors more broadly, many of whom have lost money this past year.

If you're an investor in crypto who has lost money, we want to hear your story! And if you're still enthusiastic about these currencies and/or have made money over the long term investing in them we want to hear from you too!

We may reach out to see if you'd like to be interviewed. And hearing about your situation helps us understand what people are grappling with right now.

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