Dana Carvey plays Not My Job on NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" Dana Carvey is a comedy legend, who after starring in SNL and some of the biggest comedies of all time, created his own podcast The Weird Place. We ask him 3 questions about carvers, or steakhouses.

'Wait Wait' for Dec. 3, 2022: With Not My Job guest Dana Carvey

'Wait Wait' for Dec. 3, 2022: With Not My Job guest Dana Carvey

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This week's show was recorded at the Studebaker Theater in Chicago, with host Peter Sagal, official judge and scorekeeper Bill Kurtis, Not My Job guest Dana Carvey and panelists Skyler Higley, Paula Poundstone and Josh Gondelman. Click the audio link above to hear the whole show.

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Dana Carvey in Las Vegas
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Who's Bill This Time
A Painful Goal; The Sequel No One Asked For; Musical Year in Review

Panel Questions
Love and Gluttony

Bluff The Listener
Our panelists read three stories about the unusual way someone got on the cover of Sports Illustrated, only one of which is true.

Not My Job: Dana Carvey answers three questions about steakhouses
Dana Carvey created some of the most memorable SNL characters of all time, before moving on to hit movies. He's now the creator of Team Coco's new scripted podcast The Weird Place. He's a comedy legend, but what does he know about meat carvers, AKA steakhouses?

Panel Questions
Fitness Containers; A Cheesy Lawsuit; Why Did The Chicken Cross the New Jersey Turnpike?

Bill Kurtis reads three news-related limericks: Bath Time with David; A Disney Hero Strikes Back; The World's Creepiest Mattress

Lightning Fill In The Blank
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Our panelists predict what their No. 1 song will be on next year's Spotify Wrapped.