The best podcasts to listen to before the new year Before we kick off a new year, here are some of our favorite podcasts from 2022 for your listening enjoyment!

15 binge-worthy podcasts to check out before 2023

Courtesy of KPCC, KNKX, KCUR, WABE, NPR and TPR
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Courtesy of KPCC, KNKX, KCUR, WABE, NPR and TPR

Before we kick off a new year, the NPR One team has gathered a few of our favorite shows and seasons from across the NPR Network for your listening enjoyment. And stay tuned; news seasons of some of our favorites are right around the corner in 2023!


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Courtesy of KUOW

KUOW's Soundside tells surprising stories about the people and places of the Pacific Northwest – like this deep dive (literally) into Washington's watery ecosystems, or this remembrance of the maestro behind the score of the cult TV classic Twin Peaks.

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The Last Cup

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Argentina won the World Cup, defeating France in a nail-biting final game. NPR's Jasmine Garsd tells the life story of their star player, Lionel Messi, and his quest for victory in The Last Cup.

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Embedded podcast title.

For over a decade, the Yonkers Police Department has been monitored by the federal government because of its history of misconduct. A new generation of leaders say they are fixing what's broken. But Embedded's latest series asks: what does this really mean and how will it change things?

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Life Kit

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Want to be a better you? Or get some affirmation on the stuff you're already doing? Check out NPR's Life Kit for advice from the experts and get a little help being a human.

And don't forget to check out the Life Kit 2023 Resolution Planner.


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We all struggle to feel in control of something. For its latest season, NPR's Invisibilia takes on the narratives we have about control: what's in or out of ours, the invisible tools of control and the crutches we use to FEEL in control but that might not be helping.

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The Walk Home

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The Walk Home from KNKX investigates the killing of Manny Ellis, a 33-year-old Black man, three months before George Floyd's murder. The series explores why his death went virtually unnoticed — until his sister took on the case.

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Bear Brook

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A hunter discovers the remains of two bodies in an overturned barrel. Years later, two more bodies are found. Then, a break in the case: those four bodies are linked to a much larger story and many more victims.

Catch up on season 1 of NHPR's Bear Brook ahead of season 2, coming in February.

LA Made: Blood, Sweat & Rockets


The occult; a suspected spy ring; a mysterious death.

These were some of the controversies that plagued the early days of space exploration. LA Made: Blood, Sweat & Rockets from LAist Studios tells the story of the "Suicide Squad," a fearless crew who led our quest to outer space.

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Courtesy of PRX

Are there ghosts at the Smithsonian? Who built the White House? And how did the Hubble Space Telescope go from a "billion-dollar blunder" to one of history's most important scientific instruments? Find out on the new season of Sidedoor.

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The Ghost of Frank J. Robinson

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Courtesy of TPR

A true crime mystery meets voting rights in The Ghost of Frank J. Robinson from Texas Public Radio. A cache of newly discovered audio tapes and eyewitness accounts reveal that the death of an East Texas civil rights leader may not be the violent suicide the state claims.

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Courtesy of WBEZ

Ever wonder how Rihanna became a music and fashion mogul? Or what it took for Serena Williams to rise to the pinnacle of tennis stardom? WBEZ's Making charts the origin stories of iconic Black figures, from drag artist RuPaul to late basketball great Kobe Bryant and more.

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Courtesy of Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio's Systemic uses interviews and audio diaries to document the lives of activists, civil rights attorneys, lawmakers and Black officers working to overhaul policing from within.

Once you're caught up, get ready for season 2 in January.

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Cover art for Overlooked
Courtesy of KCUR

Detective Roger Golubski spent decades terrorizing the Black residents of Kansas City, Kansas. It wasn't until the 2017 exoneration of Lamonte McIntyre – a man Golubski framed and sent to prison for 23 years – that the extent of the police department's corruption came to light.

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Last Seen

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Courtesy of WBUR

The latest season of WBUR's Last Seen features an eclectic collection of personal and public mysteries from tenacious storytellers who refuse to let them go unsolved. You'll explore not just what's gone missing, but also whether what's been lost can, or even should, be found.

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Buried Truths

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Courtesy of WABE

WABE's Buried Truths investigates racism in the American South. Prior seasons tell the story of Isaiah Nixon, who was killed for voting in 1948 (season one), A.C. Hall, who police shot in the back in 1962 because they mistakenly thought he was a thief (season two), and the story of how three white men chased Ahmaud Arbery to his death in 2020 (season three).

Catch up before season three arrives in February.

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NPR One's Julian Ring, Jack Mitchell and Jessica Green produced this piece. KNKX's Will James, NHPR's Rebecca Lavoie, KPCC/LAist's Kristen Hayford, WBEZ's Brendan Banaszak, CPR's Brad Turner, KCUR's Gabe Rosenberg, WBUR's Nora Saks, Texas Public Radio’s Dan Katz and KUOW’s Michaela Gianotti Boyle all contributed to this piece.