The Beigie award-winning entry including private jets and food trucks : The Indicator from Planet Money It's time for another edition of the Beigie Awards! Today, our winner comes through with one of the best anecdotes in Beigie history with a story about a Montana construction company that flew in workers via a private jet.

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Need workers? Why not charter a private jet?

Need workers? Why not charter a private jet?

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Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
(Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Eight times a year, regional federal reserve banks across the country release a collection of anecdotes that reveal something about current economic conditions. This is known as the Beige Book, and we celebrate each release by awarding the regional bank with the best anecdote our very own Beigie Award!

Today, one of the best Beige Book entries we've ever seen involves a Montana construction company's surprising method to get workers where they needed to go.

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