David Axelrod plays Not My Job on NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" This week, we make our triumphant return to Tucson, and political consultant David Axelrod makes his return to our show. He helped get Obama elected, but what does Axelrod know about Axl Rose?

'Wait Wait' for March 25, 2023: Live from Tucson!

'Wait Wait' for March 25, 2023: Live from Tucson!

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This week's show was recorded at Centennial Hall in Tucson, with host Peter Sagal, official judge and scorekeeper Bill Kurtis, Not My Job guest David Axelrod and panelists Paula Poundstone, Hari Kondabolu and Jessi Klein. Click the audio link above to hear the whole show.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
David Axelrod in Chicago
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Who's Bill This Time
A Different Kind of Cancel Culture; Retirement Revolution; Nap, Crackle, Pop

Panel Questions
Puns of the Father

Bluff The Listener
Our panelists read three stories about a new form of therapy, only one of which is true.

Not My Job: David Axelrod answers our questions about Axl Rose
Former political consultant David Axelrod spent decades helping people get elected, including President Barack Obama, before stepping back from politics to enter the far more combative world of CNN. He may always be the smartest guy in the room, but what does Axelrod know about Axl Rose?

Panel Questions
Legal Beagles; Bread or Alive; Stare Cut

Bill reads three news-related limericks: Bless You; Smart Dressing; Crustacean Comeuppance

Lightning Fill In The Blank
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Our panelists predict what'll be the next revolution in food.