Why money market funds are looking shaky these days : The Indicator from Planet Money Money market funds are a key aspect of the financial system and hold about $5.75 trillion of assets. Today, we explain what makes up a money market fund, why they've been looking shaky lately, and why a potential debt default is making things worse.

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The dangers of money market funds

The dangers of money market funds

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Carl Court/Getty Images
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Carl Court/Getty Images

In a world where the average yield on a traditional savings account is low and it's not always easy to cash in higher-yielding investments, many are flocking to the money market fund. These funds have amassed over $5 trillion in assets. But what makes them so special?

Today, we break down the essential things to know about money market funds, why they're important to the financial system, and why a potential debt default could destabilize this crucial piece of infrastructure.

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