The 'El Tiny' takeover of the Tiny Desk returns for 2023 It's the third annual 'El Tiny' takeover, featuring artists from across Latin America performing roots-driven music.

The 'El Tiny' takeover returns with next-level performances

It's our third annual complete takeover of the Tiny Desk, and this year we're bringing you a whole array of "El Tiny" performances that represent this moment in Latin music. This year, our music is claiming space on the global stage in some unprecedented ways.

Artists from across Latin America are flexing Latin rhythms and blending storied instruments using new wave methods. This year's Mexican regional wave finds varied expression at the Tiny Desk with sad sirrieño DannyLux and pop star Becky G. The brand new "hija del rap" Dominican J Noa pays tribute to her ancestors, while the reina del trap herself, Puerto Rico's Ivy Queen, reigns at her Tiny Desk.

Con tanto orgullo y cariño, we present a collection of roots-driven, next-level performances that remind us of who we are, and catapult us to a place of authenticity in a world where "todo el mundo quiere ser Latino."