Dillon Francis isn't done honing his craft : World Cafe : World Cafe Words and Music Podcast The Los Angeles-based DJ and music producer talks about his latest record, This Mixtape is Fire TOO.

Dillon Francis isn't done honing his craft

Dillon Francis on World Cafe

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Sela Shiloni/Courtesy of the artist

Dillon Francis

Sela Shiloni/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Can't Stop Me Now"
  • "Don't Let Me Let Go"
  • "I'm My Only Friend"
  • "Goodies"

It kind of blows my mind that before Dillon Francis was one of the most well-known and successful EDM producers in the world, he was selling suits in a mall.

Francis is infinitely entertaining and charismatic, as evidenced by the several million followers on Instagram. That's not to say the LA native is unserious; this is a guy who recently, after a decade-plus of success in the electronic music world, took audio production classes to get a refresher course on his craft.

Hearing him talk about the work that goes into his production is dizzying. Francis loves the studio environment as much as the roaring crowds. His latest album, This Mixtape is Fire TOO, was a chance to work with old friends and up-and-coming talent. Francis also just released a moombahton EP with Miami duo Good Times Ahead, called Pero Like.


In this session, he talks about how he approaches collaboration, bringing a cool camp counselor energy to his sessions, and how Titanic actor Billy Zane ended up stealing the show in Francis' music video for the song "I'm My Only Friend."

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