National Poetry Month: Share your favorite poems with NPR Is there a poem that's stuck with you over the years? Tell NPR what it means to you.

For National Poetry Month, tell NPR about a poem that's changed your life

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Updated on May 1

The Academy of American Poets launched National Poetry Month in April 1996 to celebrate the role of poets and poetry in American culture. Since then, it's become one of the largest literary celebrations in the world.

This year, NPR wants to know about the poems and poets that have shaped your life. Have you read a poet who changed your outlook on life? Has a poem stuck with you over the years, or brought you pure joy? Perhaps you are a poet yourself. Tell us about how poetry has impacted your life, and you could be featured in an upcoming edition of the Up First newsletter.

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With your responses, please tell us your first and last name, age and where you're from. Please share a voice recording of yourself reading a poem if you'd like.

We will be accepting responses until 8 a.m. ET on April 25.

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