New & noteworthy podcasts to listen to on the NPR app There's a lot to celebrate in May — graduation, Mother's Day, Memorial Day. Add finding your new favorite podcast to the list with the NPR One team's recommendations from across public media.

From college exposés to family secrets, check out these new podcasts

Podcast tile art for Wild Card, from NPR; Pause/Play, from KUT; The Secrets We Keep, from NEPM; Up From Dust, from KCUR; StoryCorps, from NPR; Ten Thousand Things with Shin Yu Pai, from KUOW.

There's a lot to celebrate in May — Cinco de Mayo, graduation, Mother's Day, Memorial Day. Add finding your new favorite podcast to the list with the NPR One team's recommendations from across public media.

The podcast episode descriptions below are from podcast webpages and have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Wild Card - NPR

Part-interview, part-existential game show – this is Wild Card from NPR. Host Rachel Martin rips up the typical interview script and invites guests to play a game about life's biggest questions. Rachel takes actors, artists and thinkers on a choose-your-own-adventure conversation that lets them open up about their fears, their joys and how they've built meaning from experience – all with the help of a very special deck of cards.

Start listening to, "Why Jenny Slate sometimes feels like a 'terminal optimist'."

Ten Thousand Things with Shin Yu Pai - KUOW

Podcast tile art for Ten Thousand Things with Shin Yu Pai, from KUOW.

This season features the stories of trailblazing Asian American women and the resilience of Asian American communities, even in the face of endangerment. Three of this season's stories take place in Seattle's Chinatown-International District Neighborhood, with help from the Wing Luke Museum. Featured guests include poet and former MMA cage fighter Jenny Liou; Seattle chef Tiffany Ran; and flutist Leanna Keith; among others. New episodes drop on Tuesdays. Ten Thousand Things: In many Chinese sayings, "ten thousand" is used in a poetic sense to convey something infinite, vast, and unfathomable. For Shin Yu Pai – award-winning poet and museologist – the story of Asians in America is just that. Ten Thousand Things is a podcast about modern-day artifacts of Asian American life and the stories they reveal, created and hosted by Shin Yu Pai and produced by KUOW (Seattle's NPR station). Ten Thousand Things is a vibrant, diverse, and bittersweet celebration of Asian America ... and a challenge for us all to reimagine stories of the past and future.

Listen to "Teardrop Lip."

StoryCorps - NPR

In this season of the StoryCorps Podcast, we delve into what happens when individuals interview their parents, partners, or children — the ones who matter the most to them. Unlike a journalist, it's someone they deeply cherish asking the questions. These stories are about people who have forged their own paths, done things their own way. Join us as we explore this archive, unveiling an unprecedented and candid portrayal of contemporary American life.

Listen to episode 1, "My Way."

NPR Explains... - NPR

Podcast tile art for NPR Explains..., from NPR.

We've heard rhetoric about a "crisis at the border" and a "surge of migrants pouring into the U.S." What's happening at the border and what makes immigration such a key issue? NPR Explains is back to help break down U.S. immigration policy, conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border and how the system affects Americans. Join host and immigration correspondent Jasmine Garsd in NPR Explains: Immigration, a podcast series exclusively on the NPR app, which is available on the App Store or Google Play.

Start listening to part one, "Why is immigration a key issue?"

College Uncovered - GBH

In a world focused on getting in, do you know what you're getting into? College Uncovered, from GBH News in collaboration with The Hechinger Report, pulls back the ivy on American higher education, exposing the problems, pitfalls and risks — and helping you navigate them. If you wonder how college really works, subscribe now. Because it's a real education.

Start listening to episode 1, "Buyer Beware."

The Secrets We Keep - NEPM

Podcast tile art for The Secrets We Keep, from NEPM.

The stories we don't tell, what they say about our world, and what they do to our minds — a new podcast from NEPM. Over five episodes, this limited series uses the lens of secrets to explore societal taboos and stigmas around sexual orientation, abortion, genetic origins, family scandals, and money — through the voices of secret-keepers, those kept in the dark, and history and social science experts (starting with the host's family secret.)

Listen to part one, "Anatomy of a Secret."

In Our Headphones - KEXP

Podcast tile art for In Our Headphones, from KEXP.

Introducing KEXP's newest music discovery podcast. In Our Headphones brings you five song recommendations every Monday, straight from KEXP's DJs and Music Directors. We learn stories and insights about the artists, make connections between the music and the world around us, and get to know the diverse roster of DJs that make up the KEXP airwaves. Join hosts Janice Headley and Isabel Khalili on this never-ending journey of music discovery. 

Listen to episode 1, "Cheryl Waters: Brimheim, English Teacher, Lair."

Pause/Play - KUT

This season is all about change. We'll be looking at the impact that climate change, changes in laws, changes in ticketing, changes in venues, changes in tech, and more are having on the Austin music scene. 

Start listening to "How are global and local changes impacting the Austin Music Scene?"

Up From Dust - KCUR

Podcast tile art for Up From Dust, from KCUR.

Trees are swallowing prairies. Bees are starving for food. Farmland is washing away in the rain. Humans broke the environment — but we can heal it, too. Up From Dust is a new podcast about the price of trying to shape the world around our needs, as seen from America's breadbasket: Kansas. Hosts Celia Llopis-Jepsen and David Condos wander across prairies, farm fields and suburbia to find the folks who are finding less damaging, more sustainable ways to fix our generational mistakes. 

Start listening to "When good plants turn bad."

Untangled - WOSU

Podcast tile art for Untangled, from WOSU.

Untangled, a podcast from All Sides with Anna Staver, takes a complicated topic and untangles it for you. On the first season, we're untangling the housing crisis, why Gen Z thinks they'll never be homeowners while baby boomers are getting priced out by rising property taxes.

Start listening to "An in-depth look at central Ohio's housing crisis."

Body Electric - NPR

To kick off Season 2 of Body Electric, host Manoush Zomorodi takes a five minute walk with writer Kelly Corrigan. Kelly shares her tips for fitting movement into her busy work schedule—while also making time for rest.

Listen to "5 minute walk + talk: Writer Kelly Corrigan on making movement breaks productive."

NPR's Jessica Green and Jack Mitchell curated and produced this piece.