30A Songwriters Sessions: Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams : World Cafe : World Cafe Words and Music Podcast Watch Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams perform at the 30A Songwriters Festival.

30A Songwriters Sessions: Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams on World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Desert Islands Dreams"
  • "A Little Better"
  • "The Way You Make Me Feel"

One of the premiere singer-songwriter festivals in the U.S. happens along the Emerald Coast in northwestern Florida. It's called the 30A Songwriters Festival. Over the next few weeks, we're taking you there as we broadcast the 30A sessions, courtesy of our friends at WMOT.

Today, we're featuring a performance from Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams. Even though it's officially their fourth album as a duo, Campbell and Williams have been playing together for nearly 40 years.

Campbell, a Grammy winner who had played with Bob Dylan and The Black Crowes, was initially reluctant. Eventually, after years of playing together with Levon Helm, Campbell and Williams took the leap. Their latest album, All This Time, is a celebration of their longtime commitment to one another. It also features a special appearance from Helm, recorded shortly before his passing.

Thank you to WMOT's Jessie Scott; Erika Nalow for recording and mixing this session; and Jessica Rigsby and Kinsey McBride for capturing it on video.

This episode of World Cafe was produced by Miguel Perez. Our senior producer is Kimberly Junod and our engineer is Chris Williams. Our line producer is Will Loftus, and our programming and booking coordinator is Chelsea Johnson.

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