Excerpt: Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt Read an excerpt from the book.

Excerpt: Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt

From page 2:

"As wedding negotiations entered the final phase, a few enterprising passers-by near St. Thomas Episcopalian Church on Fifth Avenue managed to peep in at the construction of the most spectacular wedding floral display ever assembled in a New York church: great flambeaux of pink and white roses on feathery palms at the end of pews; vaulting arches of asparagus fern, palm foliage and chrysanthemums; orchids suspended from the gallery; vines wound round the organ columns; floral gates constructed from small pink posies; and sweeping strands of lilies, ivy and holly swaggering from dome to floor, feats pf festooning over 95-feet long. There was no shortage of detail available for those with insufficient initiative -- or interest -- to seek it out for themselves. The press even provided lingering descriptions of the bridal underwear: 'it is delightful to know that the clasps of Miss Vanderbilt's stocking supporters are of gold, and that her corset-covers and chemises are embroidered with rosebuds in relief,' said the society magazine Town Topics. 'if the present methods of reporting the movements and details of the life and clothes of these young people are pursued until the day of the wedding, I look for some revelations that would startle even a Parisian café lounger.'"

From page 144:

According to one of the chronicles, the [New York] World, Consuelo's wedding dress cost $6,720.35. Made from cream-white satin it had graduated flounces of point lace and trails of orange blossom; a fifteen-fit train, embroidered with pearls and silver, fell in double box pleats from the shoulder.