NPR Internships - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ for NPR Internships

NPR Internships - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions about NPR internships.

For chances to engage with current interns and other Q&A opportunities, check out the NPR Interns social media channels on Twitter and Instagram.

How do I apply for an internship?
Visit our Career Portal and read the complete description and requirements for each available position. Through the portal you'll be able to create a profile and upload a resume, cover letter, and writing samples (when appropriate).

How do I apply for an internship at [specific department]?
Applicants can filter opportunities by searching for a specific division under the Internship listings.

Who can apply to an internship?
Qualified applicants must be current students (in an accredited degree program) or have graduated no more than 12 months prior to the start of the internship. We do not accept high school students.

I live outside of the United States, can I still apply?
Interns must be authorized to work in the United States. For any of our internships with remote flexibility, you must reside in the United States.

Can I apply to more than one internship?
You may apply for multiple internships. If you are uploading more than one cover letter, be sure to name each file for the corresponding internship title.

Do I have to include a cover letter?
Please refer to the specific job posting (make sure to read it in its entirety) to determine if a cover letter (or any applicable work samples or supporting documents) is required.

To whom do I address my cover letter?
You can address your cover letter to the general team you are applying to work with [i.e. "The Short Wave Team"]. You can also do some digging [say on the NPR Extra blog to figure out names of people on certain teams!].

How much do interns get paid?
All interns are paid $18.50 per hour.

How many hours per week do interns work?
Internships are typically full-time at 40 hours per week; but there is flexibility on a role to role basis. Any positions that are part-time will be indicated on the job posting.

The application deadline has passed! Can I still submit an application?
Once the application deadline has passed, we will no longer be accepting any applications. You are welcome to apply to the next internship cycle if you are still eligible.

How do I know my application was successfully submitted?
You will know that your application was successfully submitted once you receive a confirmation email stating that we have received your application.

How can I check to make sure my application went through and everything was attached properly?
You can visit your application through the My Presence tab within your profile.

Can I add or edit documents to my application after my application has been submitted?
You cannot edit your application, but you can add or delete any uploaded documents under the "My Presence" tab. You may also continue to do this even after the application deadline has passed.

How can I contact NPR to follow up on my application? Can I call NPR about my application?
If you have received a confirmation email regarding your application, please be assured that NPR has received and will review it. NPR does not have a phone system that will share your message with the appropriate staff. For chances to engage with current interns and other Q&A opportunities, check out the NPR Interns social media channels on Twitter and Instagram.

How can I stand out?
Be YOU. Also, read this blog post for tangible advice from our NPR Editorial Training team.