'How I Built This' now with Japanese distributor Nikkei & Nippon Broadcasting System A Japanese version of the popular podcast, "How I Built This," which will be available on November 15.

'How I Built This' now with Japanese distributor Nikkei & Nippon Broadcasting System

Distribution of Japanese Version of the Popular U.S. Podcast "How I Built This" with Nippon Broadcasting System

November 12, 2021– Nikkei Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President:Tsuyoshi Hasebe) have co-produced a Japanese version of the popular podcast, "How I Built This," which will be available on November 15.

How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built. How I Built This has been recognized by the New York Times, Inc, Fortune and was named one of the ten podcasts that shaped the last decade by Harper's Bazaar.

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Hideo Shinada, a senior researcher at Nikkei BP Research Institute, who has extensive experience in business reporting, will serve as the MC for the Japanese version of the program, which will convey the appeal of the program in Japanese without changing the voices of the entrepreneurs.

"How I Built This has become inspiring and popular among American audiences, and we are excited for Nikkei and NBS to bring the show to our Japanese audience." said Wanyu Zhang from NPR's Business Development team.

The first interview will be with James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, known for its vacuum cleaners, who will talk about their success stories. Following Dyson, the program will feature interviews with Jimmy Wales, founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and Kevin Systrom, founder of the photo-sharing app Instagram. The interviews can be listened to on the special website of the Nikkei Online Edition as well as on podcast platforms such as Nippon Broadcasting System's "PODCAST STATION" and Apple Podcast. The distribution period is planned to be six months.

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米国の人気ポッドキャスト番組「How I built this」ニッポン放送と日本版を共同制作・配信

日本経済新聞社(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長:長谷部剛)とニッポン放送(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長:檜原麻希)は、米国の人気ポッドキャスト番組「How I Built This」の日本語版を共同で制作し、11月15日から配信します。

「How I built this」は米国の公共ラジオ放送、ナショナル・パブリック・ラジオ(NPR)が配信する番組で、掃除機で知られるダイソンの創業者ジェームズ・ダイソン氏ら著名な起業家が、自らのサクセスストーリーをインタビューに答えながら語るもの。米国で幅広いリスナーから人気を集めています。今回、日経が番組のライセンス契約を締結し、ニッポン放送と日本語に吹き替えた番組を共同制作し配信します。MCは、豊富な取材経験を持つ日経BP総合研究所上席研究員、品田英雄氏が務め、起業家の肉声を伝える番組の魅力をそのまま、日本語でお伝えします。

番組は各回30分程度で、日経の特設サイトやNIKKEI STYLEのほか、ニッポン放送「PODCAST STATION」など主なポッドキャストプラットフォームから聴くことができます。11月15日からジェームズ・ダイソン氏のほか、オンライン百科事典ウィキペディアの創設者、ジミー・ウェールズ氏や写真共有アプリのインスタグラムを創業したケビン・シストロム氏らのインタビューを配信します。配信期間は半年間を予定しています。


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