Brittany Luse is the new host of It's Been a Minute Award-winning journalist, on-air host, and cultural critic Brittany Luse will take over on the mic starting October 7.

Brittany Luse is the new host of It's Been a Minute

Brittany Luse will take over as the host of It's Been a Minute on October 7. Sarah Jacobs/Brittany Luse hide caption

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Sarah Jacobs/Brittany Luse

Brittany Luse will take over as the host of It's Been a Minute on October 7.

Sarah Jacobs/Brittany Luse

September 13, 2022; Washington, D.C. — After an extensive search and a collaborative feedback process with NPR's network of Member stations, It's Been a Minute has a new host! Brittany Luse, who is best known for hosting the podcasts For Colored Nerds and The Nod, will take over on the mic starting on Friday, October 7th.

"Over the past five years, It's Been a Minute has become a mainstay for listeners trying to make sense of an increasingly unpredictable cultural landscape," said Luse. "I'm honored to join such a dedicated team as host, and excited to learn and grow alongside It's Been a Minute's devoted and responsive listeners. I've spent the entirety of my eight-year hosting career helping audiences to connect the dots between culture and current events, and I look forward to continuing and expanding that work at my new home."

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Executive Producer Veralyn Williams said, "The beauty of It's Been a Minute over the years was getting to spend time with Sam Sanders, someone who asks deep questions about our culture and unavoidable news. So, finding someone like Brittany – who could step into It's Been a Minute's solid foundation, while also making us want to lean into her unique curiosities about everything from finding love on reality TV to the gender politics of fringe online communities – is what I can only describe as public radio magic. For the past eight years, I've listened to Brittany's work on For Colored Nerds and on The Nod, and I've relied on her wit, brilliance and charm to help me make sense of an increasingly bizarre pop cultural landscape. And now, I am so excited we get to hear her every week on an NPR staple."

"Brittany is one of the most exciting—and essential—voices in pop culture podcasting," said VP of Programming and New Content Development Yolanda Sangweni. "She brings deep curiosity, empathy, and joy to the mic and to her storytelling. We are beyond thrilled to be re-imagining It's Been a Minute with Brittany at the helm."

Brittany Luse is an award-winning journalist, on-air host, and cultural critic. Most recently, she has been co-hosting the podcast For Colored Nerds. Previously Brittany hosted The Nod and Sampler podcasts, and co-hosted and executive produced The Nod with Brittany and Eric, a daily streaming show. She's written for Vulture and Harper's Bazaar, among others, and edited for the podcasts Planet Money and Not Past It. Brittany and her work have been profiled by publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vulture, and Teen Vogue.

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