The New Homepage is Live Today, NPR relaunches its homepage,, with a new look and audience experience: a robust, redesigned homepage that showcases the best of NPR, combined with a fully responsive design that optimizes for any screen.
NPR logo The New Homepage is Live

The New Homepage is Live


Redesign Engages Audience with Infinite Story Scrolling, Deeper Navigation & Listening Experiences

New Integrated Sponsorship Platform Takes "Center Stage"

Today, NPR relaunches its homepage,, with a new look and audience experience: a robust, redesigned homepage that showcases the best of NPR, combined with a fully responsive design that optimizes for any screen. Just as it is on the radio, the new NPR web experience is one of discovery and surprise. NPR's distinctive storytelling is presented in a highly accessible, scrolling collection that offers deeper navigation and integrated, one-touch listening. The redesigned homepage and story pages adapt to any size browser, from large desktop screens all the way down to Google glasses.

The homepage now offers a more curated, coherent and rich experience for NPR's monthly digital audience of 23 million. The clean design reduces clutter and deepens engagement by doing away with newspaper-like grids, opting instead for a center collection of stories and top-of-the-page navigation that remains visible with scrolling. The homepage engages audiences to select their path: once a visitor reaches the last story in view, they can choose to load more stories from one of NPR's main topic areas of news, arts & life, books and music.

The top of the homepage drives instant access to NPR Member stations, listening and the headlines, indicating when there are news updates. A "Listen" drawer offers the most recent newscast and program, along with apps and podcasts. prominently displays NPR Member station websites, allowing audiences to select their favorite, and auto-localizing to the nearest station as a default.

"Our online audience is engaging with NPR on a growing number of devices, from small-screen phones to big-screen TVs," said Kinsey Wilson, NPR's Chief Content Officer. "With this redesign, we're able to give the audience the optimum NPR experience no matter where they encounter us."

The homepage launches today with sponsorship from the website publishing platformSquarespace in the "Center Stage," a new custom sponsorship offering that features click-to-play long-form video from the sponsor. Center Stage is positioned in the collection of stories on the homepage, and is unveiled as the user scrolls like a curtain rising. Each Center Stage unit is designed by NPR, and the video content is screened by NPR to ensure a highly complementary experience.

With today's relaunch, visitors to the homepage will find:

A curated, rich web site.
The new homepage feels like, well, NPR. It is designed to be a website from the start, breaking with the newspaper-on-the-web convention in favor of a more program-like approach that surfaces what's interesting and unique in each story. Much like NPR on the radio, the site reduces clutter to distill the essential news, and just-as-essential diversions, of each day.

Deeper navigation.
The homepage provides more options up front. A navigation bar remains visible with scrolling to offer quick access to the four content pillars of – News, Arts & Life, Books and Music, along with Blogs and About NPR – programs, stations, listening and headlines. Once visitors have browsed all current stories, they are prompted to "load more" stories, selecting from one of the four content pillars.

Better ways to stay current.
A space at the top of the homepage succinctly captures the news of the moment. Visitors can scan the headlines or click a button and listen to the latest report from our 24/7 newscast team. When stories are breaking or developing, the site will show that, too, along with trending topics.

More from stations.
The new homepage offers more ways to connect with NPR Member stations. The site allows visitors to select their favorite station, and auto-localizes as a default. Listening is a feature, as is supporting a local station.

More listening.
The listen drawer at the top of the homepage gives quick access to the most recent newscast and program (be it Morning Edition, Here & Now, or Tell Me More, depending on the time of day). It also drives to NPR apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, and podcasts.

As millions of people seek out more NPR content on more devices, NPR has taken an innovative, iterative approach to its responsive evolution. By introducing the overall new design a portion of the website at a time, NPR has been able to optimize for the most engaging experience. This has helped contribute to steady audience growth since the initial redesign of its story pages earlier this year, followed by a responsive mobile homepage in May 2013. The last overhaul of the homepage came in summer 2009. NPR will continue to iterate until the full site is responsive.

NPR is an award-winning, multimedia news organization that reaches 27 million listeners each week, and nearly 23 million people monthly on digital platforms. In collaboration with more than 900 independent public radio stations nationwide, NPR strives to provide the public with a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures. To find local stations and broadcast times, visit

Media Assets:
Photos of the new homepage and related features are available upon request.

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