Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!... Kim Kardashian on NPR? Kim Kardashian joins Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! on June 13
NPR logo Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!... Kim Kardashian on NPR?

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!... Kim Kardashian on NPR?


June 12, 2015; Washington, D.C. - On Saturday, America's unofficial "selfie queen" catches up with guest host Mike Pesca about ...wait wait...don't tell me... herself! Kardashian tells Pesca: "In recent years I'm, like, too cool for duck face, so that doesn't happen."

On selfie sticks, Kardashian says: "I don't [use a selfie stick]. But as I'm now pregnant, and I'm gonna get bigger and bigger, the further away, the skinnier you look, so I might have to break it out."

On internet rumors that the second child she and husband Kanye West are expecting may be a boy, Kardashian says: "We actually haven't told anyone the sex. So, I've heard that we're having a boy. I heard that we're having twins. I heard that I'm not even carrying my own baby."

In the spirit of Kardashian and West's first child, North West, might they name their second South West? Kardashian says: "I don't like South West. Because you know, North will always be better."

Pesca puts the Selfish author to work in a round of NOT MY JOB!, a staple Wait Wait segment that quizzes guests on topics they likely know very little about. Actor/comedian Maz Jobrani, Chicago Tribune advice columnist Amy Dickinson and actor/writer Peter Grosz are also heard in the episode as this week's panelists.

The interview airs on Saturday, June 13, and on Sunday, June 14, on public radio stations around the country. Stations and broadcast times are available at www.npr.org/stations. Audio for the interview will be available on Saturday at approximately 5:00 PM (ET) at NPR.org and as a podcast.

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