Sample 200+ Podcasts At, The Latest Guide From NPR's Arts Desk NPR's Arts, Books & Culture desk presents – a guide with 200+ podcast episodes handpicked by listeners, radio/podcast pros and celebrities – including P!nk and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Sample 200+ Podcasts At, The Latest Guide From NPR's Arts Desk

NPR Gives You A Guide to Great Podcasts

Sample 200+ Shows Now at

November 3, 2015; Washington, D.C. – Finding new podcasts just got a whole lot easier. The NPR Arts, Books & Culture desk presents – a guide filled with more than 200 podcast episodes handpicked by listeners, radio/podcast pros and celebrities – including P!nk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Matthew McConaughey.

"Podcasts as a form of mainstream journalism and entertainment have reached a level of influence in our culture that deserves the kind of editorial attention our cultural news department gives to books, movies and music," said Michael Oreskes, NPR's Senior Vice President of News and Editorial Director. "We understand this is a particular challenge since NPR and public radio are among the largest producers of podcasts, so we devised a system to use audience recommendations vetted by a team of external and internal reviewers to come up with the most interesting and impartial recommendations. We are confident that will provide users the same kind of quality recommendations our Book Concierge does every year."

"My team has spent the better part of the year gathering submissions and reviewing them, but we know that new podcasts come out every day, so we are asking users to send us recommendations for consideration by our panel of industry experts," said Ellen Silva, NPR's Supervising Senior Editor for Arts/Entertainment/Culture/Books/Ideas. "We are open to all topics, we want to hear about big and small podcasts, just please if you are a podcast producer don't send us your own, recommend your favorite podcast that you did not produce yourself."

NPR received some 6,000 listener submissions for more than 800 different podcasts. The NPR Arts, Books & Culture desk collaborated with a panel of experts to pick the featured episodes. The selected shows are from all over the podcasting landscape, and have audiences both large and small. They cover everything from breakfast to nuclear arms control to Saved By the Bell. Users can sort by topic, read reviews and play each episode right inside the app.

Here are a few of the well-known listeners featured in

  • Actor Matthew McConaughey recommends Snap Judgment
  • Actor Neil Patrick Harris recommends Mystery Show
  • Actor Wendell Pierce recommends The Treatment
  • Author Domingo Martinez recommends The Bugle
  • Author John Green recommends Men in Blazers
  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield recommends Hardcore History
  • Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson recommends TIME's 10 Questions
  • Men in Blazers host Roger Bennett recommends Desert Island Disks
  • Musician P!nk recommends TED Radio Hour
  • NPR host Ari Shapiro recommends Startup Podcast
  • NPR international correspondent Elise Hu recommends Hollywood Prospectus
  • NPR Invisibilia host Alix Spiegel recommends Reply All
  • NPR Music Alt.Latino host Jasmine Garsd recommends Radio Ambulante
  • NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour host Linda Holmes recommends Switched on Pop
  • NPR reporter Sonari Glinton recommends Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period
  • WNYC's On the Media host Brooke Gladstone recommends The Gist
  • Start-Up co-host Alex Blumberg recommends Love + Radio
  • Welcome to Night Vale co-creator/writer Jeffrey Cranor recommends The Read
  • WTF host Marc Maron recommends This American Life
  • Writer Roxane Gay recommends Otherppl

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NPR's afternoon newsmagazine All Things Considered will also invite contributors to talk about the podcasts they nominated for the project. Local schedules can be found on station websites.

A panel of six experts from inside and outside of public media helped curate's content. The group included Terryn Hall, a contributor to the PostBourgie podcast; Max Linsky, a co-founder of Longform Media and co-host of the Longform Podcast; Matt Martinez, director of content at public radio station KPLU in Seattle/Tacoma and former senior producer of programming at NPR; Nick Quah, head of audience development at Slate's Panoply Media and editor of the Hot Pod newsletter; Jenna Weiss-Berman, director of audio at Buzzfeed; and Anne Wootton, CEO of and Pop Up Archive. Read more about the curation process here.

The podcasts featured in come from producers all across the spectrum. As a leader in podcast production and distribution, NPR programs were among those nominated and selected for, alongside titles from NPR member stations, public media organizations, and other podcast producers, both large and small.

About NPR Podcasts

Since 2005, NPR has produced and distributed some the country's most popular podcasts – longtime favorites Fresh Air, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, Latino USA and All Songs Considered, as well as newer shows including Invisibilia, Microphone Check and TED Radio Hour, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the English language. Hidden Brain is the newest add to NPR's podcast catalogue – more than 30 programs covering science, music, pop culture, comedy and news which together account for an average of 74 million downloads each month. Each week, 26 million radio listeners tune into NPR programming and more than 8 million unique visitors access, making NPR one of the most trusted sources of news and insights on life and the arts.


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