New Host Appointments Across NPR's Morning Shows Morning Edition lineup will include Rachel Martin and Steve Inskeep in Washington, D.C., and David Greene from NPR West; Lulu Garcia-Navarro will host Weekend Edition Sunday

New Host Appointments Across NPR's Morning Shows

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The Morning Edition lineup will include Rachel Martin and Steve Inskeep in Washington, D.C., and David Greene from NPR West; Lulu Garcia-Navarro will host Weekend Edition Sunday

Sept. 15, 2016; Washington, D.C. – Rachel Martin will join Steve Inskeep and David Greene hosting NPR's flagship morning drive show, Morning Edition, after Renee Montagne transitions to her new role of Special Correspondent in November. Lulu Garcia-Navarro, NPR's South America Correspondent, will take up the Weekend Edition Sunday host mantle in January.

"Rachel Martin will build on the network's mission to deliver the sharpest news, insight and storytelling at Morning Edition," said Sarah Gilbert, Executive Producer of Morning Edition. "As Weekend Edition Sunday host, she brought us countless wonderful listening experiences, from this month's election special on Clinton and Trump, through the often startling perspectives of 'For The Record', to her reporting on the role of women in Saudi Arabia's 2015 election. Rachel is a brilliant journalist and a uniquely accomplished host, possessed of superb range and a mastery of every format from long-form storytelling to live broadcasting. She's also just about the best person imaginable to have on your team – and Morning Edition is delighted to welcome her aboard after the election."

"Lulu Garcia-Navarro brings with her the intense curiosity about the world that is the hallmark of a great host," said Sarah Oliver, Executive Producer for NPR's Weekend Edition. "Weekend Edition Sunday will be enhanced by her extensive experience in the field—whether reporting on Brazilian mothers caring for babies with microcephaly or dancing the Samba in a Carnival parade—all of them driveway moments. We're excited to bring Lulu into the ranks of NPR hosts, and look forward to her beginning the new role."

When can you hear the new hosts?

Early December
Rachel Martin makes her debut as official Morning Edition host.

January 2017
David Greene starts hosting from NPR West.

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Lulu Garcia-Navarro's first day hosting Weekend Edition Sunday.

David Greene will head over to NPR West in early 2017 to continue his Morning Edition hosting duties there. He will join All Things Considered host Kelly McEvers and Newscast's Dwane Brown as news magazine voices coming regularly out of Culver City.

"As someone who has a seemingly inexhaustible appetite for embarking on adventures in journalism, along the way demonstrating a singular ability to connect with the people whose stories he tells, David is the perfect host to take on the boundless opportunities offered by the West Coast – and beyond that, the Pacific Rim," said Gilbert.

"Rachel, Lulu and David share similar qualities," says Christopher Turpin, VP for News and Operations. "They are dynamic journalists, who are terrifically good at live radio, love being out on the road reporting and have a knack for finding stories that reflect the complexity of the world we live in. Our belief is these changes will help us maintain the extraordinary audience growth we have seen over the past year".

Since its debut on November 5, 1979, Morning Edition has garnered broadcasting's highest honors, including the George Foster Peabody Award and the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award.

Weekend Edition Sunday debuted on January 18, 1987, with host Susan Stamberg. Every week listeners tune in to hear a unique blend of news, features and the regularly scheduled puzzle segment with Puzzlemaster Will Shortz, the crossword puzzle editor of The New York Times.

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