NPR News Special Coverage Of The Presidential Debates The Presidential debate season has arrived, and NPR is diving in head first with extensive reporting across all platforms.

NPR News Special Coverage Of The Presidential Debates

NPR News Special Coverage Of The Presidential Debates

Sunday, September 25; Washington D.C.The Presidential debate season has arrived, and NPR will be reporting live with dependable news and analysis across all platforms. NPR's team of political editors and correspondents will provide complete coverage of the four presidential and vice-presidential debates, as well as pre/post-debate analysis and live fact-checking.

NPR News coverage will be available to listeners and viewers on Member station broadcasts, online at, at, on the NPR Politics Podcast, and on your mobile device with the NPROne app.

"These debates will be by far the most important encounters of the campaign," said Michael Oreskes, NPR's SVP of News and Editorial Director. "So far, the rhetoric and name-calling have been exceptional. Whatever happens in these debates NPR reporters will be ready to inform voters with diligent fact-checking, crucial context and rapid reporting. We invite all listeners to cut through the heat and noise with these fair-minded journalists. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make your own choices. We are working to provide listeners with insightful analysis and comprehensive local and national perspectives."

See stations and broadcast times at (Special coverage for each debate is live from 9-11pm ET). This special coverage will stream live on and through NPR One.

Follow NPR Politics on Twitter (@nprpolitics) and Facebook and NPR on Snapchat (@npr) for live updates, photos and reports from the field.

Debate Night Features:

  • Pre-Debate Analysis: For the first debate at Hofstra University in New York on Monday, September 26, listen for NPR's Mara Liasson on Weekend Edition and Tamara Keith and Sarah McCammon on All Things Considered, comparing the candidates' styles and approaches to debates. Liasson will also offer a web essay on five things to watch for in the first debate.
  • Fact-Checking: During debates, NPR News will provide fact-checking with an online feature that delivers live, annotated transcripts and fact-checks courtesy of NPR's team of expert reporters and editors in specialties ranging from national security, to immigration, to climate issues. On-air fact-checkers include White House correspondent Scott Horsley, political reporter Scott Detrow, business correspondent Jim Zarroli, justice correspondent Carrie Johnson, health policy correspondent Alison Kodjak and more. You can view NPR's fact-checking in real time at, or by listening to your local member station for analysis following the debates.
  • Live Coverage: All Things Considered's Robert Siegel will host Special Coverage of all four events as well as post-debate analysis and fact-checking. NPR reporters will be on-site at each location, including the first debate at Hofstra University where Mara Liasson, Tamara Keith, and Sarah McCammon will kick off coverage with an appearance on NPR Live on Facebook. Siegel will be joined in the studio by NPR Political Editor Domenico Montanaro and WH correspondent Scott Horsley, who will report on the facts checked by a dozen NPR reporters and correspondents.
  • Battleground America: Morning Edition hosts Steve Inskeep and David Greene will be traveling the country to report on public interest in and reaction to the debates. On Monday and Tuesday, September 26 and 27, Inskeep will be in Atlanta, Georgia, to get the view from there, working with Member station WABE.
  • Social Media Callout: What should the next president understand about YOUR life? Morning Editionwill issue an audience callout, using the hashtag #DearWashington, on Monday, September 26. Listeners are invited to share their story/tweet/photo/video with the hashtag through Election Day. This is an opportunity for listeners to share the one thing about their lives that they want their leaders in Washington to know. Morning Edition will publish a curated collection of the responses on and also on air interviews with selected respondents.
  • Post-Debate Podcasts: The NPR Politics Podcast, hosted by NPR's Sam Sanders, will drop a new episode the morning after each debate, recapping the highlights of the previous evening, and forecasting a look ahead. For the first debate, Sanders will be joined by senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving and political data reporter Danielle Kurtzleben. Planet Money will also put out a special debate episode deconstructing the economic issues discussed in the debate, as well as the theories and context behind them.
  • Newsletter: The NPR Politics Newsletterwill also publish special editions the morning after each debate with news and feature coverage, as well as a robust fact check and a daily video analysis, "About Last Night." The video will also be posted each morning on and com/nprpolitics/

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