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Workers are busy preparing the stage in Washington, D.C., to be used during the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20. Mark Wilson/Getty Images hide caption

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Workers are busy preparing the stage in Washington, D.C., to be used during the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Listen Live, and Watch All the Day's Events at

Tuesday, January 17, 2017; Washington D.C. - On Friday Jan. 20, NPR will offer special coverage of all the events surrounding the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump including the parade, Trump's speech, the oath of office, the counter protests and the Inaugural balls – complete with insights and analysis from reporters in the field.

NPR News coverage will be available to listeners and viewers on Member station broadcasts, and online at

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Follow these accounts for live updates, photos and reports from the field

NPR: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

NPR Politics: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


NPR's Audie Cornish and Steve Inskeep will co-host live coverage along with White House correspondent Tamara Keith from the U.S. Capitol from 10 am until 4 pm ET. They will be joined by NPR reporters to comment and provide context: Mara Liasson, Ron Elving, Nina Totenberg, Sarah McCammon, Mary Louise Kelly and Domenico Montanaro.

Special coverage continues from 2 to 4 pm ET with Here & Now hosts Jeremy Hobson and Robin Young.

Later, tune into All Things Considered where host Ari Shapiro will be interview Trump supporters as they pilgrimage to the nation's capital. Shapiro will ride along a group of thirteen students as they travel from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to the inaugural parade in Washington, D.C.

SNAPSHOT: Day one in Trump's America.

The NPR Politics team will provide readers a snap-shot of life in America on Trump's first official day in office – looking at our vital statistics, unemployment rate, GDP, debt, deficit, consumer outlook, foreign engagements, political sentiments, and all the measurable data we can muster.

Digital News Coverage will carry the pool video stream live from the inauguration, where viewers can watch President-elect Trump's speech and swearing-in. will also feature a live inauguration day blog with breaking news, pictures and analysis of the day's events.

NPR's famous real-time fact-checker is back! The NPR Politics team, with help from reporters and editors across the newsroom will live-annotated Trump's speech. The transcript of the speech will be available with added analysis, context, and fact-checking.

The NPR Politics podcast will provide an end-of-day wrap up.

Follow Along With NPR Reporters in the Field

White House: Scott Horsley

Inside the U.S. Capitol: Susan Davis

Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol: Scott Detrow

Capitol Grounds: Don Gonyea, Brakkton Booker & Ailsa Chang

On the Mall: Cory Turner & Alexi Horowitz; Jennifer Ludden & Laurel Wamsley; Robin Young & Jill Ryan/Alex Ashlock, Kirk Siegler & Marisa Penaloza, Jim Howard

Virginia Voters on Mall: Ari Shapiro & Jinae West

Protests: Pam Fessler, Joe Shapiro, and Kelly McEvers

Trump Hotel: Hansi Lo Wang

Review Stand: Adrian Florido

Motorcade: David Welna

Canadian Embassy: Joshua Johnson (WAMU)

Balls: Elizabeth Blair

Facebook Live

NPR will have a few live video moments on Facebook to capture the scene in Washington, D.C. – including shots from the Canadian Embassy (giving a front and center vantage of the parade), the national mall, the possible counter protests and various feeds from around the city.

WAMU's 1A host Joshua Johnson will also appear on Facebook live to offer his firsthand account and commentary.

A Nation Engaged

In case you missed it, NPR organized a special series leading up to the inauguration, called A Nation Engaged. NPR and its Member stations worked together to encourage national conversations about important questions facing the nation. NPR Member stations in California, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin hosted community discussions to ask the question: "What do you want the new President to know about you or your community as he takes office?"

Highlights of these conversations as well as follow-up interviews with the participants aired on NPR's On-Point.

The program is being rebroadcast on member stations over the course of inauguration week.

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