Wow In the World: A New NPR Podcast for Curious Kids and their Grown-Ups NPR host Guy Raz teams up with SiriusXM's Mindy Thomas to co-host NPR's first-ever children's podcast

Wow In the World: A New NPR Podcast for Curious Kids and their Grown-Ups

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NPR's Wow in the World debuts on May 15, 2017.


May 8, 2017; Washington D.C. - NPR is thrilled to announce the launch of Wow in the World, a new podcast for kids ages 5-12 that illuminates the wonders of science, technology, discovery and inventions.

This is the first time in NPR's 47-year history that it will release a children's program.

Starting May 15, NPR's Guy Raz and SiriusXM's Mindy Thomas will take kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the most incredible science and kid-friendly news stories of the week.

"Wow in the World is a place where we can tap into the crazy cool things that are happening all around us, every day!" says Thomas. "We want to help spark conversations between kids and other kids and also with their grown-ups that will ultimately lead to their own big discoveries."

Each episode begins with a series of questions that lead to an explanation about a new amazing scientific discovery or finding. For example, "How long would it take to get to the closest star outside our solar system?" or "How did we Homo sapiens come to dominate the planet?" or "How do astronauts poop in space?" Through comedy and conversation, along with voices from real kids, Mindy and Guy make the news fun and interesting.

"As parents and caregivers, many of us grapple with screen-time," says Raz. "This show is not just an alternative to screens but a show about celebrating the spirit of inquiry and encouraging kids to ask even more questions."

Episodes will highlight some of the most exciting new research about space, dinosaurs, animals, technology and human origins.

NPR will distribute the show and Tinkercast, a new production company that focuses on family-friendly content, will produce the program. For nearly three years, Guy and Mindy co-hosted a Friday news segment on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live channel called Breakfast Blast Newscast. The segment went on to win the International New York Festivals Award for best children's program in 2016.

Wow in the World can be downloaded wherever podcasts are available including, Apple Podcasts, and at

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About the Hosts

Guy Raz is the award-winning host, co-creator, and editorial director of two of NPR's most popular programs: TED Radio Hour and How I Built This. Both shows are heard by more than 14 million people each month around the world. He joined NPR in 1997.

He has been a foreign correspondent for NPR and CNN and a host on All Things Considered. Most importantly, Guy is a father of two boys. He's performed in DC children's theater as the narrator in "Cat in the Hat." He helped design the local playground in his neighborhood. And he's been known to organize epic pick-up baseball games with 4-8 year old's at his local park.

Mindy Thomas is the Gracie Award winning host of the national, interactive, Absolutely Mindy Show, heard weekday mornings on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live channel. From 2006-2017, Mindy served as the Director of Children's Programming for Kids Place Live, establishing herself as an expert and advocate of both children's literature, and the growing genre of independent family music.

Mindy lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, and two curious and creative kids who provide her with endless amounts of laughs, spilled milk and inspiration. She has no plans of ever growing up.

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