NPR One Breaks Up Your Media Echo Chamber Users will be offered content from across the political spectrum with a point of view that is different from what they normally hear.

NPR One Breaks Up Your Media Echo Chamber

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Offering Podcasts from Across the Political Spectrum

Listen to Shows From Vox, Crooked Media, Ricochet and The National Review

Monday, June 19, 2017; Washington, D.C. – Stuck in a media echo chamber? The NPR One audio app will help audiences break free. Users will be offered content from across the political spectrum with a point of view that is different from what they normally hear - including shows from Vox, Crooked Media, Ricochet, The National Review and many more. This is a continuation of NPR One's efforts to fight the so-called media "filter bubble" – consumers' tendency to be offered and select media that reinforces their already held beliefs.

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"More often than not media filters can measure what content you like and just feed you more and more of the same thing - until you are left with just one point of view," said NPR One Managing Director Tamar Charney. "While social media tends to reinforce our media bubble, NPR One will do the opposite. We are broadening your perspectives by purposefully offering podcast selections that are ideologically different than what you normally listen to."

NPR One is a one-stop shop for news, story-telling and podcast discovery. In addition to the plethora of public media offerings, NPR One serves up podcasts from many more content providers including such popular shows as Pod Save America, The Ricochet Podcast, The Editors, The Ezra Klein Show, and many more.

"Busting filter bubbles is a key part of our public service mission," said NPR's Senior Vice President of News Michael Oreskes. "NPR One prides itself on editorial responsibility. This application is designed to provide listeners with critical news and information as well as diverse perspectives. Our mission has always focused on creating a more informed public, and we are committed to providing balanced coverage that offers listeners greater breadth and the serendipity of discovering something new. We can all gain a better understanding of the important debates we are having in this country by bridging the partisan divides."

"The Vox audience is driven by a deep curiosity about the world and a desire to better understand the news of the day," said Vox's Director of Programming, Allison Rockey. "NPR One's mission to deliver diverse perspectives will be a great service to our listeners, and we're excited to be a part of it."

"In the 5 years we've been building the Ricochet Audio Network, we've often described ourselves as and aspired to be the 'center-right NPR.' So it's very cool to finally actually be on NPR," said Scott Immergut, CEO of Ricochet Audio Network.

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