Listening To NPR With Siri Your smart speaker just got smarter.

Listening To NPR With Siri

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Your smart speaker just got smarter. With a few simple commands, you can access the entire world of NPR – all the latest news, newest podcasts, and discussions of the day. Give any of the utterances below a try and hear NPR's critically acclaimed, audio-rich stories come alive on your HomePod, or any device that supports Siri.

Live radio from your Member station

Say, "Hey Siri, play the station [station name or call letters] or "Hey Siri, play [station name or call letters] radio" to hear live radio from a Member station.

Click here to find any NPR Member station in the country.

National news from NPR

Say, "Hey Siri, play the news from NPR" to hear the latest NPR newscast, updated every hour.


Say, "Hey Siri, play the podcast [Podcast Name]" to hear the most recent episode of any podcast.

Click here to see all of NPR's podcasts.


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Featured NPR audio clips

Guy Raz - How I Built This, Korva Coleman - NPR newscast, Ailsa Chang - "After Hurricane Katrina, Many People Found New Strength," as featured on All Things Considered, John Sepulveda - The California Report from KQED

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