Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk Talks NPR Music launches intimate community-focused series for music lovers
NPR logo Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk Talks

Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk Talks

NPR Music launches intimate community-focused series for music lovers

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August 7, 2018; Washington, D.C. - NPR Music will expand its unique presence at the convergence of music discovery and industry conversations with a series of Tiny Desk Talks this fall in select cities around the country. The can't-miss, curated conversations will feature celebrated voices in the music and public radio space and cover topics like the technical side of recording performances, soundtracking for film and television, getting music on the radio and the art of songwriting. These events will be communal deep dives that bring together local musicians, experts, music lovers, public radio supporters, and industry personalities together to talk about their shared interest and expertise of a specific facet of modern-day music-making.

"The Tiny Desk Talks are a natural progression of how our audience has connected with our Tiny Desk series," said Lauren Onkey, Senior Director of NPR Music. "For close to 10 years, millions of viewers have enjoyed artists' performances at the Tiny Desk. Thousands have gotten to know new artists through our Tiny Desk Contest and nationwide tour. Now we continue the conversation with topics that matter to our audience and fans."

Like NPR Music's star-finding Tiny Desk Contest and its national On The Road Tour, exclusive support of the upcoming Tiny Desk Talks is fueled by Lagunitas Brewing Company.

With the addition of the Tiny Desk Talks, NPR Music's Tiny Desk franchise amplifies and celebrates the public in public radio. NPR Music is collaborating with network Member stations including WBUR and WGBH in Boston, KCRW in Los Angeles, OPB in Portland, and WMOT and WPLN in Nashville.

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For more than a decade, NPR Music's robust music journalism and award-winning original video programming has delighted millions of music fans from all genres. NPR Music collaborates with NPR's newsmagazines, public radio Member stations and the passionate listener community to celebrate exceptional music and discover emerging artists. Visit to find the complete Tiny Desk concert series, live music, extensive archives of performances, interviews and music reviews. Connect with NPR Music on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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