Joan B. Kroc Legacy Society Our gratitude to all members of the Joan B. Kroc Legacy Society, without whom we could not continue our important work.
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Courtesy Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

In 2003, philanthropist Joan Kroc left the largest bequest in public radio history to NPR, marking a transformational moment for the network. To honor her enduring generosity, NPR created the Joan B. Kroc Legacy Society to celebrate enthusiastic supporters who make their mark on the future of public media by establishing charitable annuities, life income agreements, bequest intentions or other planned gifts to benefit NPR.

We are incredibly grateful to all members of the Joan B. Kroc Legacy Society, without whom we could not continue our important work.


George R. Aceves Revocable Trust

Kaira J. Adam

David and Judith Preves Anderson

The Estate of Katherine B. Anderson

Ms. Katherine Milner Anderson

Estate of Paul T. Arnoldy

Ora Avni


Robert J. and Nancy Baglan

Estate of C. Annette Bailey

Stephanie Barko

Carole Wolff Barnes

Caron Barrett Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Thomas B. Brener

Pamela Bergmann and John Duffy

Estate of Barbara Evelyn Betts

Dr. Denise D. Beusen and Mr. Jon Beusen

Estate of Marion L. Blake

Paul F. Blewett Legacy Fund

Bob and Minako Borgen

Roger and Margaret Bourke

Adrienne Brandriss, MD

Estate of Patricia Marie Brda

Margaret Brennan

Diane and Hal Brierley

Mary L. Brugo

John Buoymaster

Arnold D. Burk

Estate of Kitra A. Burnham


Peri Caylor and Scott Szymkowski

James R. Chace

The Steven R. Chinworth Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Estate of John Clawson

Aaron Robert Cockroft

John S. Cogswell and Richard W. Hutton

Estate of Carol Elaine Colip

Kit Cooper

John and Virginia Costenbader


Helen Daniel

Diane W. Davidson

Nancy J. Davis and Robert V. Robinson

Rosanna Y. de la Cruz

Estate of Lynda M. Dembek

Estate of Anne Louise P. Devine

Arthur and Aron DiBacco

Estate of Edna Mary Dillon

Estate of Kenneth Donahue

Estate of Joel M. Dopp

Mr. Cyril W. Draffin and Dr. Christine D. Berg

Dorothy DuBois and Mark Germann

Donald Thomas and Kay L. Dunton

Clint and Janice Dyer


Estate of Thomas W. Edinborough

Estate of Jeanette Croonquist Edwards

The Ruth Ellis Family Trust


Estate of Jason Faust

Estate of Herbert Feinberg

Estate of Joan Ferioli

Heather Flynn

Sara C. Fullmer


Estate of Marion Jane Garland

Estate of Myles Gatterman

Paul and Marcia Ginsburg

Estate of Jack Golden

The Estate of Adrienne S. Gordon

Susan M. Graff

Estate of Mary Louise Greenberg

The Estate of Ursula Grosser

Joan Gussow


Paul G. Haaga, Jr. and Heather Sturt Haaga

Ellen Hanson and Richard Perlman

Josué Harari

Wendy Harris

John Howard Haverland Estate

Estate of Edith Held

Hansel A. Hernandez-Navarro

William Herring

Harriette Hersch Family Trust

Carol and Richard Hertzberg

Monica S. Hoel

Tim and Mary Hopmann

Jillian Hostenske and Emily David


Jayne M. Iafrate and Barbara Stephens


Rachel L. Jacobson

Lucie Johns

Vicki Johnson

Carol A. Jones

Pamela Jones-Morton, PhD


In Memory of the Kaskey-Gittelman Family

Roger and Mary Kathol

Mike Kelly and Lisa Romasco

The Dale E. Kern Revocable Trust

Douglas A. Kraner

Estate of Joan B. Kroc

Dr. George Y. Kung and Ms. Jean Cheng


Estate of Claire W. Labine

Rodney N. Larson

The Beth Smith Lee Revocable Living Trust

The Barbara T. Leeds Revocable Living Trust

Kevin M. Lenzen Revocable Trust

Rob LeVine and Val Schmitt

Walter Lippincott

Siv H. Ljungwe Living Trust

Estate of Christy Long


Estate of Ilene Mack

Estate of Carol L. MacKinnon

Estate of Gregory Alan Markko

Betsa Marsh and David D. Medkeff

John McGinn and Cary Davis

Heather McIntosh

Jarl and Pamela Mohn

Monte and Claire Montgomery

Estate of Dorothy J. Moore

Estate of Carole Ann Morrell

Bobby Morris

Helen and Jerry Moser

Estate of Claudia A. Mulcahy

Joan Muzzillo and Paul Popick


Estate of Samir Y. Naguib

Estate of Morton W. Noble

The Estate of Nancy Ann Nolen

Sandy Northrop and David Lamb


Allen O'Bannon and Molly Absolon

Thomas O. O'Connell and Linda K. Hurley

Beatriz M. Oliveira

June A. Olson

Elizabeth L. O'Neill Trust

Joan Orman


Darren Pace and Aaron Eichorst

Estate of William Freeman Page

M. L. Paine

Tom and Melinda Peters

Catherine A. Peterson

Estate of Harold James Phillippi

George McCorkell Plews


Richard Rampell, CPA

Dr. Jeffrey S. Rapp and Dr. Neil S. Silverman

Richard B. Ressman

John and Lynne Richards

Martha H. Roper Living Trust

Estate of Karen J. Rosenberger

Estate of John W. Ruth


Estate of Eric B. Sager

Beth A. Salerno and Tod F. Ramseyer

Rochelle Savit

Estate of Ann Sayvetz

Estate of Kathleen C. Schaffer

Lois A. Schaper

Estate of William Lewis Shackleford

Mr. Don Y. Sheldon

Perry H. Sholes

Elinor Silverman Estate

Mildred M. Simmons Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Estate of Branna Sisenwein

Estate of Alice Slette

Jeffrey M. Slutsky and John R. Spitzig

Donna and Alec Smythe

David Snow

Estate of Ingeborg H. Solbrig

The Survivor's Trust of the Spelman Trust

Squire Legacy Trust

Mr. Richard G. Starmann

Estate of Rodney F. Steed

Estate of Allan Steinfeld

Estate of Sidney J. Stiber


The Urban G. Terbieten Revocable Trust

Jonathan Tocks and Debra M. Tocks

Betty K. Tonsing

John R. Townsend

Triner Associates, Inc.

Gerald and Linda Tumarkin


Estate of Claude VanderVeen

Drs. Andrei and Carmen Vermont

Elyse Vinitsky Trust

Estate of Suzanna K. Vogt


Connie Walker

Estate of Marie Ruth Wall

Jurg and Irma Waser Family Trust

Emmett and Jamie Watson

Rick and Jennifer Wells

Cheryl Wilfong

Roger C. Wolf Revocable Living Trust

Howard and Barbara Wollner

Estate of Stanley Woodward

Ralph Keith Wright Estate

Jack Wright


Caryn J. Zadik Estate

John C. Zimmermann Trust