NPR Foundation Board of Trustees This page lists the NPR Foundation Board of Trustees.

NPR Foundation Board of Trustees

The NPR Foundation Board, listed below, enhances current and long-term financial support for NPR by securing direct support for NPR and prudently managing the assets of the Foundation, in addition to supporting nationwide recognition and celebration of the generous donors dedicated to public media. NPR's Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of up to 60 elected Trustees, in addition to the Chair of the NPR Inc Board of Directors, the Chair of the Development Committee of the Board of Directors and the NPR President & CEO.

John P. McGinn

Melissa Fetter
Paul G. Haaga, Jr.
Patricia Ishiyama
Jeffrey Schoenfeld
Marcy Syms
Antoine W. van Agtmael

Jennifer Altabef
Sanju K. Bansal
Harold M. Brierley
John W. Buoymaster
Jesse Byrd
Ellen Carr
Mollie Carter
Susan Carson
Janet F. Clark
Richard de Silva
Hazel Donald
Margot P. Ernst
Nancy Richards Farese
Brian Fix
Brent W. Gledhill
James M. Grant
Ellen Hanson
John A. Herrmann
Richard H. Hertzberg
Jihee Huh
Michele Janin
Ronald A. Kahn
Charles F. Kireker
Susanna Lachs
Peter Lehman
Nancy Mackinnon
Jarl Mohn
Jacqueline C. Morby
W. Scott O'Hare
Patricia M. Papper
Jane V. Peyrouse
George M. Plews
Jaison Robinson
Cristina Sinclaire
Jeff Sine
Camilla Smith
Perry Steiner
Roselyne C. Swig
Donna Wilhelm

Ex-Officio Trustees
Katherine Maher, President and CEO, NPR
Jennifer Ferro, Chair, NPR Board of Directors

President's Council
Paul Ginsburg
Jane F. Katcher
Stuart Lucas
William Poorvu
Peter Swift