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About NPR

NPR is an independent, nonprofit media organization that was founded on a mission to create a more informed public. Every day, NPR connects with millions of Americans on the air, online, and in person to explore the news, ideas, and what it means to be human. Through its network of member stations, NPR makes local stories national, national stories local, and global stories personal.

44 million

weekly audience across platforms1

Listeners and readers experience NPR across a full range of platforms including radio, smart speakers, npr.org, social media, live events, NPR apps and podcasts.


stations broadcasting NPR2

Our network of local member stations collaborates with NPR to deliver an increasingly rare and vital mix of rigorously reported local and national stories.


bureaus worldwide

17 international and 18 domestic bureaus. Our teams in the U.S. and across the globe discover the most important stories wherever they are happening.

29.9 million

weekly on-air listeners3

98.5% of the U.S. population lives within the listening area of a station carrying NPR programming; NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered are consistently among the most-listened-to news radio shows in America.

11.9 million

weekly website visitors4

The latest news, award-winning digital journalism, multimedia visual experiences, live concerts, first listens and decades of program audio, all at npr.org.


weekly app users4

The news you need and the stories you want, at your fingertips or in your pocket, wherever your day takes you.

Illustrations by Irene Rinaldi for NPR.

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