going there

Too often the most important insight into a national issue -- that which comes from the stories of the people who are living it -- goes unheard. Well, now Michel's going there.


Michel Martin

is taking the studio to the story.

There's hearing. There's listening. And then there's Michel Martin. An award-winning NPR journalist, Michel has spent more than 25 years knocking down the barriers between subject and reporter to let the true story come out. She brings together people from different backgrounds, who live in different realities and hold different ideologies, for meaningful interactions that increase understanding and enrich lives.

With her signature style, she manages to be at once interviewer, challenger and confidant to people who come to her with stories to tell. She hears what is being said, and sometimes what is not being said, and uses her uniquely personal journalistic style to make sure the story always comes out. That different perspectives are heard. And understood.

Michel Martin is Going There, engaging audiences through stories on NPR's newsmagazines, online and at dynamic live events around the country. She is listening to people who have important perspectives to share, giving local conversations a national stage across NPR’s platforms.


Michel knows that starting a new kind of dialogue requires a new kind of approach.

Every day there are important conversations about issues that affect us all -- happening from coast to coast, taking place outside the ear of the national media in places like coffee shops, barbershops, at water coolers and kitchen tables, wherever people are gathering.

Michel wants to hear from the people having these conversations. People who deserve to be heard, who need to be heard. People who need to be connected to each other in order to create one larger cohesive and constructive conversation.

Listen to Michel on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Engage with her on NPR.org/Michel Martin Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @NPRMichel.

Michel is Going There. Join her.