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Summer 2001 Intern Edition

2001 Interns
2001 Summer Interns with NPR President & CEO Kevin Klose, NPR Executive Vice-President Ken Stern, NPR Vice-President for Human Resources Kathleen Jackson

I would like to personally welcome you to the 2001 Summer Interns Online web site. Currently, 29 interns from across the country are busily working in departments throughout NPR, ranging from shows like Morning Edition to departments like audio engineering. As you browse through our web site, (designed by our very own online intern) you'll notice two things. First, we are also attending workshops and lunches hosted by experts at NPR. Secondly (and most exciting for me!) we are working together to make our very own news magazine show, Intern Edition. We are gaining valuble experience researching, reporting, and producing a show modeled after other NPR shows. Here, we're giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our activites and learning experiences. Enjoy!

Katie Kijowski
Executive Producer, Intern Edition
National News Desk Intern