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September 13, 2000
Laura Gross, NPR

NPR Explores the Lighter Side of Campaign 2000
Car Talk's Magliozzi Brothers Run for President
Rewind launches
Wait, Wait . . .Don't Tell Me! Quizzes Contestants on Politics

Washington, DC-While the airwaves and newspapers are filled with pundits, experts, and press secretaries putting the spin on this race and that race, a few of NPR®'s entertainment programs are serving up the humorous side of politics. Car Talk®'s Magliozzi Brothers are running for president, Rewind launched a website featuring audio clips of humorous sketches, interviews, and poems about the campaigns, and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! is gearing its quiz questions to the laughable side of the campaigns every week.

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Car Talk's Two Zeros in '00

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, AKA, Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, have thrown their coveralls into the ring and announced their co-Candidacy for President of the United States. Running under the campaign slogan, "Two Zeros in Zero-Zero," Tom and Ray launched their campaign for the White House in a sparsely attended ceremony in Harvard Square. The brothers were reportedly unable to agree on which one should be President and which one should be Vice President. After a high level, "I called it first" summit, the brothers settled on a unique, joint custody arrangement. Tommy will be President Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Ray will get the Oval Office Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tom and Ray will post position statements every week until the election on their web site, the Car Talk section of, where influence may be bought, along with campaign buttons and bumperstickers.

Rewind and

From the mundane to the absurd, Rewind from NPR and KUOW-Seattle has compiled its best political humor, sketches, poems and interviews on one web page Visitors will find audio files from the weekly satire program, with new additions every week. Audio clips at reflect the presidential race to date: the vice-presidential picks, the conventions, and now the final stretch. Sketches include "Really Negative Campaign Ads," "Reform Party - Island of Misfit Candidates," "Cheney: I pick me," "Lefty Leaders," and "The Best of Bushisms."

Wait, Wait . . .Don't Tell Me!

Listeners who pay close attention to the hard news from the campaign trail can test their memory of what "W" said, what Gore did, and more each week on Wait, Wait…Don't Tell Me! . Each week, host Peter Sagal quizzes panelists and listeners on their knowledge of the news - politics, culture, and assorted weird facts. Contestants call 888-WAIT-WAIT to compete in a mental triathlon of multiple choice questions, charades, and riddles. Winners receive the unconventional prize of NPR legendary newsman Carl Kasell leaving the outgoing message on their answering machine. Wait, Wait . . .Don't Tell Me! is produced by NPR and WBEZ Chicago.

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