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January 23, 2001
Contact: Jessamyn D. Sarmiento ,

NPR News and KERA 90.1 Host Live Broadcast Dallas, TX Serves as Backdrop for National Forum

Dallas, TX- As part of The Changing Face of America series from NPR News, NPR's midday call-in program Talk of the Nation will take a closer look at issues surrounding the Latinization of America. On Thursday, January 25, in a two-hour live broadcast from the Dallas Museum of Art, Talk of the Nation Host Juan Williams and special guests will discuss the make-up of America's melting pot in the 21st Century and the changing face of Latino communities.

Throughout the twentieth century, America was described as a melting pot, a stew and a tossed salad. Today, the U.S. is more culturally diverse than ever. One out of every ten Americans is now foreign born and the number of Hispanic, Asian, and Black Americans has never been higher. Many Americans struggle with how large a role their traditional culture and racial identity should occupy in their daily lives. In the first hour of the live broadcast, the discussion will look at how heightened sensitivity to racial and ethnic identities is changing the concept of American identity. Williams will be joined by special guests Tamar Jacoby, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and author of Someone Else's House: America's Unfinished Struggle for Integration; Shelby Steele, Hoover Institution research fellow and author of A Dream Deferred: The second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America; and, Edward Rincon, President of Rincon & Associates, a marketing research firm in Dallas, TX.

The Latinization of America is a phrase as ubiquitous these days as Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera or the Taco Bell Chihuahua. In the second hour, the program will take a closer look at how the broad spectrum of Latinos is changing the face of the American demographic landscape. Williams and his guests will explore how life is experienced, both the differences and commonalties, by a very diverse population of Latinos in America - from the Cuban-American in Miami and the Guatemalan in North Carolina, to a first generation Puerto Rican immigrant and a third generation Mexican-American. Guests joining Williams for this hour will include Richard Rodriguez, journalist and author of Brown, which will be published later this year; Roberto Suro, reporter for the Washington Post and author of Strangers Among Us: Latino Lives in a Changing America; and, Sylvia Martinez, editor-in-chief for Latina Magazine.

This Talk of the Nation broadcast forum airs live in Dallas, Texas on NPR member station KERA 90.1 from 1-3PM, every Monday through Thursday. For nationwide station information and broadcast times, please visit NPR's Web site at

As part of The Changing Face of America series from NPR News, Talk of the Nation broadcasts live, once a month, from a city where important issues facing the community illuminate American life in the year 2001. Last year, Talk of the Nation visited eleven cities including Minneapolis, Boston, Orlando, Portland, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. Feature segments of The Changing Face of America also appear on NPR newsmagazines Morning Edition® with Bob Edwards and All Things Considered®. The Changing Face of America series is supported by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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