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April 2, 2003
Laura Gross,

NPR Productions Win Gracie Allen Awards

WASHINGTON-Programs distributed and produced by NPRŽ have been recognized by the American Women in Television and Radio (AWRT) for exemplary work created for women, by women and about women. Gracie Allen Awards will be presented to the Present at the Creation series on Morning Edition, Jazz Profiles series Women in Jazz, Justice Talking reports Legalizing Prostitution and Abortion Battles: Racketeering or Righteous Protest, and Generations Radio Theater on NPR Playhouse.

Throughout 2002, listeners followed the weekly series Present at the Creation on Morning Edition, the nation's most-listened-to public radio program, and by visiting NPR's Web site, Produced and edited by Elizabeth Blair and Avie Schneider, the series explored the artistry and inventiveness behind the designs, sounds, images and writings that helped shape American culture. The panorama of subjects examined throughout the year included the characters Perry Mason and John Henry; language and expressions such as "OK" and "spin"; places and objects from the Empire State Building to the totem pole; and works of film, theater and television such as A Streetcar Named Desire and The Twilight Zone.

The Jazz Profiles series Women in Jazz honored the many unheralded female musicians from the inception of jazz music, and addressed the obstacles they confronted in the male-dominated field. The first of this two-part series presented a historical overview of the pioneering women of jazz. Part two concentrated on today's female jazz players, their musical contributions and the issues they still face in integrating the music. Women in Jazz was produced by Margaret Howze; the executive producer for Jazz Profiles is Tim Owens. The program is hosted by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning entertainer Nancy Wilson.

Justice Talking's award-winning "Legalizing Prostitution" report debated whether decriminalizing prostitution gives women the right to use their bodies as they choose or legitimizes behavior that is immoral and degrading to women. Abortion Battles: Racketeering or Righteous Protest explored the orchestrated blockades of abortion clinics - examining whether they are an exercise of free speech or if the violence at these protests is a coordinated criminal campaign to shut down abortion providers. The executive producer of Justice Talking is Kathryn Kolbert; Margot Adler hosts. Justice Talking is produced by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at The University of Pennsylvania and is distributed by NPR.

Generations Radio Theater is a production of Radio Tales, which was heard on NPR Playhouse. The audiences enjoyed thrilling science fiction, terrifying horror, richly-textured American fiction and fantastic fantasy, all adapted from world famous literature, as performed and presented by Winifred Phillips.

Another public radio production also won. Kay Fulton lost her brother in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and her story was heard on NPR's All Things Considered. Chosen to witness the execution of bomber Timothy McVeigh, her audio diary, Kay Fulton's Diary describes the execution and her feelings watching McVeigh die. She tries to resume a normal life, but the events of 9/11 force her to examine what it means to survive terrorism. Kay Fulton's Diary is a production of American RadioWorks (ARW) the national documentary unit of Minnesota Public Radio. ARW is distributed by NPR.

AWRT is the oldest continuously operating nonprofit professional association dedicated to advancing women in the electronic media and allied fields. Founded in 1951, AWRT has worked to improve the quality of the electronic media; promote the entry, development and advancement of women in the electronic media and allied fields; serve as a medium for communication and idea exchange; and become involved in community concerns.

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