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April 28, 2003
Jenny Lawhorn,

University of Maryland to house NPR News Collection

WASHINGTON - The University of Maryland Libraries in College Park, MD have become the institutional curator and depository for the NPR News Programming Collection. This valuable collection of more than 29,500 audiotape reels chronicles, in depth, all of the major world news events that occurred from1971 to 1988.

The collection, to be located in the National Public Broadcasting Archives (NPBA) in Hornbake Library, will be accessible on May 1. NPR will transfer each year to the Libraries some 4,000 additional tapes spanning events beyond 1988.

"The NPR News Collection is the most significant non-commercial radio news archive in the country," said Charles B. Lowry, Dean of Libraries at the U. of Maryland. "Covering the first 15 years of NPR news programming, the initial transfer-with more reels to be delivered over time-contains in-depth reportage of the main news events of the 1970s and 80s. Stories dealing with the release of the Pentagon Papers, the end of the Vietnam War, the resignation of President Richard Nixon, and the rise of Reagan conservatism are just a sampling of the rich materials contained in the Collection."

To accommodate NPR's ongoing need for background material, the agreement provides NPR news programmers with access to the collection on a regular basis. More than 150 series titles are contained in the collection, from NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered to various Congressional hearings and conference proceedings, including the Watergate and Panama Canal Hearings.

"This new relationship between NPR and the University of Maryland will bring the NPR sound archive to both scholars and students," said Ken Stern, NPR's executive vice president. "We are particularly pleased to be working with the University of Maryland, which not only houses one of the nation's great broadcasting libraries but is already the repository for NPR's paper archives."

For the past 30 years the federal National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has managed the NPR News Collection. NPR chose the U. of Maryland Libraries as the new depository after the National Archives decided to relinquish control of the tape collection.

The NPR News Programming Collection is available to the public at the NPBA on the third floor of Hornbake Library on Mondays through Fridays from10am to 5pm.

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