May 1, 2007
Anna Christopher, NPR


May 1, 2007; Washington, D.C. – Journalist Ted Koppel has worked as a Vietnam War correspondent, was embedded with the U.S. Army during the onset of the Iraq War, and reported on every major presidential election since the 1960s. The NPR Senior News Analyst will need to draw from these high-pressure experiences when he plays “Not My Job” on NPR’s news quiz program Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!®, airing the weekend of May 5 on NPR member stations nationwide. For stations and broadcast times, visit The program will also be available as a free podcast on

“We're interested in talking to Mr. Koppel about his extraordinarily distinguished career in journalism, ranging from his initial coverage of the Iranian hostage crisis, to his history making interviews, to his controversial and hard-hitting investigations,” said Peter Sagal, host of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! “We're also curious about whether or not he's stopped taking such good care of his hair now that he's on NPR."

As a contestant on the “Not My Job” segment, Koppel will be quizzed on a topic outside his area of expertise in an effort to win a prize for a listener. Recent contestants have included Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who answered questions about the habits of famous rock stars; White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, who was quizzed about the lifestyles of Russia’s ultra-rich; and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who correctly answered questions about Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine.

Koppel said of his pending appearance on the show: “Tell Sagal he’s wait, waited long enough. But if he’s going to break out any hair jokes, he’s just going to have to wait another ten years.” Koppel’s latest project is Living with Cancer, a documentary and live town meeting featuring conversations with his friend and colleague Leroy Sievers about his ongoing battle with cancer, which airs Sunday, May 6, on Discovery Channel.

Now in its tenth year, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! offers a contemporary twist on the old-time radio quiz show, mining NPR news stories for its questions. The program is hosted by Peter Sagal, an award-winning playwright, and features popular NPR newscaster Carl Kasell as official judge and scorekeeper.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! airs on more than 400 NPR member stations, reaching 2.3 million listeners weekly. It has also ranked among the “Most Downloaded” podcasts on iTunes and other directories since its launch in February 2006.

The show is produced by NPR and Chicago Public Radio; Doug Berman is Executive Producer.