April 4, 2008
Anna Christopher, NPR



First Live National Program for the New Interactive Museum of News

A special edition of NPR’s news-talk program Talk of the Nation will broadcast live from the Newseum on Tuesday, April 8, 2:00-4:00PM (ET). This broadcast – the first live national program from the new Washington, D.C.-based interactive museum of news – is part of the Newseum’s press preview day, in advance of its public opening on Friday, April 11, and will have a studio audience.

In the first hour, host Neal Conan and guests will address media coverage of the 2008 presidential race and the role of emerging technology in coverage of the candidates and issues. Panelists include Ana Marie Cox, Washington editor for Time.com; William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard; Gerald Seib, assistant managing editor and executive Washington editor, The Wall Street Journal; and Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune columnist. The second hour explores the shield law, protecting a journalist’s right to maintain the confidentiality of information or sources obtained during newsgathering. Guests are Matthew Cooper, former Time reporter who refused to testify in the Valerie Plame CIA leak investigation, and Toni Locy, former reporter for USA Today, who was ordered by a federal judge to reveal sources for her reporting on a 2002 anthrax case.

Conan will also take listeners on an audio tour of the Newseum.

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The Newseum, located at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, incorporates five centuries of news history with the latest technology and innovation, and features 14 major galleries, 15 theaters, two broadcast studios and “I-Witness,” a 4-D time-travel experience. Visit www.newseum.org for more information.