January 29, 2009
Jacqueline Cartier, NPR



“Our Cancer” Available Now at www.npr.org/ourcancer

January 29, 2009; Washington, D.C. – NPR’s “My Cancer” blogger and broadcast journalist Leroy Sievers was a beloved husband, friend, colleague and, to the world of cancer, a daily voice of truth, inspiration and humor. Until his death in August 2008, Sievers openly chronicled his multiyear battle against the disease in the “My Cancer” blog, podcast and commentaries on NPR’s Morning Edition. Through this narrative, he developed a massive online community of thousands of contributors, sharing their own comments and experiences with cancer.

Beginning today, NPR is transitioning “My Cancer” to “Our Cancer” – www.npr.org/ourcancer – an online forum designed to continue the conversation for the growing community that Sieves helped create. Sievers’ widow, Laurie Singer, who has been blogging on “My Cancer” since her husband’s death, will contribute to the “Our Cancer” community.

Transitioning the blog to “Our Cancer” continues what Sievers had already realized of the “My Cancer” community, writing on its second anniversary: "The blog has taken on a life of its own. It has become a place of refuge, a rest stop on the long, difficult road that is cancer. We have made friends and lost friends on the blog. We have learned things from each other, things we never thought we'd need to know. …But if I’ve learned anything over the last two years, it’s that life with cancer is tough. I’ve learned something far more important, too. No matter what happens, we’re all in this together. None of us walk this road alone.”

Sievers met many of his “My Cancer” friends for the first time in April 2007 in NPR’s studios, for a special dialogue about living with cancer on the news and talk show Talk of the Nation. He was again joined by “My Cancer” community members and Elizabeth Edwards for an interview on Talk of the Nation in July 2008. Though thousands of “My Cancer” followers may have lost their dear friend, they have not lost each other, and are invited to continue the discussion about their own world of cancer at the new forum: www.npr.org/ourcancer

To learn more about Sievers, please visit: www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5503400