July 2, 2009
Emerson Brown, NPR



July 2, 2009, Washington, D.C. -- As reported on NPR's Two-Way blog this afternoon, National Security Advisor General James Jones told NPR News today that he sees no "daylight" between the White House and the Pentagon regarding the number of troops in Afghanistan.

In an interview airing today, Thursday, July 2, on NPR's afternoon newsmagazine All Things Considered, General James Jones tells co-host Melissa Block that he sees no "daylight" between the views of the White House and Defense Department over whether more troops could be sent to Afghanistan.

When asked by Block about reports that he told commanders not to expect any more troops beyond what has already been promised, Jones said "I had a conversation with my good friend Admiral (Michael) Mullen this morning on that and there really isnít any daylight."

Jones goes on to say: "My message was one to convey that we have a process and we have a strategy. The strategy was formally adopted barely 90 days ago. We're in the implementation phase of that strategy. We're in the middle of ramping up our forces to a total of 68,000 which is 21,000 more. This is what was asked for as part of the strategy and the President agreed to authorize this. And my message was simply to say that before we go back and ask for still additional forces that we should make sure we see how the strategy is being implemented."

Later, he added, "It certainly wasn't intended on my part to say that at no time could we ever come back with good reason to make another case. In due time, when we see how the strategy is working, if we need to adjust it, they certainly can do what they feel they need to do."

The interview airs on tonight's All Things Considered and the audio will be available at approximately 7pm ET here.

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