December 30, 2009
Emerson Brown, NPR




December 30, 2009; Washington, D.C. – From the tech-stock bubble bursting in 2000 to 2009's brutal recession that erased 7 million jobs, this century's first decade was a tough one for workers. NPR News explores the industries and occupations that may offer the best hope for reviving the job market in 2010 and beyond in the weeklong series "New Jobs for a New Decade." The series begins Sunday, January 3, on Weekend Edition, then continues throughout the week on Morning Edition. The entire series will also be available at

Led by NPR's National Desk, "New Jobs for a New Decade" kicks off with an overview of job projections for the coming decade, and then assesses the real prospects within individual sectors that many cite as growth areas, including green jobs, health care and technology. It culminates with Friday's release of the Labor Department's jobs report, which will reveal December's unemployment rate and contain data for the entire year.

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Sunday, Jan. 3
Weekend Edition: New Jobs for a New Decade Intro
The past decade has been terrible for workers, with the total number of jobs shrinking even as the population was rising. Host Liane Hansen and NPR’s National Desk senior business editor Marilyn Geewax offer an overview of the series that looks at what the new decade may bring for workers.

Monday, Jan. 4
Morning Edition: Outlook for the New Decade
Experts say that it could take five years just to regain the jobs lost during the last two years. NPR correspondent John Ydstie provides an overview of job projections.

Tuesday, Jan. 5
Morning Edition: Green Jobs
The White House and many lawmakers keep saying that the U.S. can expect to benefit from all of the new "green jobs" to come. But is there more hype than hope? NPR correspondent Chris Arnold visits a solar panel plant to find answers.

Wednesday, Jan. 6
Morning Edition: Health Care
More than three million jobs in health care will be created in the new decade, ranging from highly paid neurosurgeons to home health care workers earning little more than minimum wage. The occupation expected to see the greatest growth is the job of registered nurse. Projections indicate there will be nearly 600,000 new jobs for registered nurses by 2018. NPR's Tamara Keith reports.

Thursday, Jan. 7
Morning Edition: Tech Jobs
Technology jobs have grown rapidly in the past quarter of a century, but have fallen in the last two years. The new year isn't likely to produce many more tech jobs, but nearly a million new tech jobs are expected by the middle of the decade. Those jobs could help spur the economy. NPR's Wendy Kaufman reports from Seattle.

Friday, Jan. 8
Morning Edition: December Jobs Report
NPR business correspondent Frank Langfitt wraps up the series with a review of the newly released Labor Department's jobs numbers for December.