July 30, 2010
Dana Davis Rehm, NPR



NPR would like to make it clear that we are not involved in any way in the petitions now circulating that encourage the White House Correspondents Association to select NPR for a front row seat in the White House briefing room.

The first petition was put forward by CREDO Action, an advocacy site that is managed by Working Assets. MoveOn.org has now joined CREDO and is also promoting a petition.

NPR was not consulted about either petition and we learned about them via Facebook and e-mail. We have no position on the petitions, and no comment on the other media organizations that are competing for the seat.

NPR made its case directly to the White House Correspondents Association by submitting a letter of interest, which is the standard protocol and a process we respect. Our request for consideration is based on NPR's long record of high-quality reporting on the White House, our commitment to covering government and politics, as well as our large audience (over 27 million listeners to NPR programming on member stations and over 11 million unique visitors every month via NPR.org), and our reach across the U.S. and beyond.