November 29, 2011
Cara Philbin, NPR



NPR has announced the December read for its children's book series, Backseat Book Club: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu. Guided by Michele Norris and geared towards kids aged 9-14, Backseat Book Club is NPR's newest monthly segment that invites young listeners and their families, teachers, and friends to join NPR in reading and discussing a book each month.

Breadcrumbs is written in the form of a modern-day fairytale and appropriately set in the icy and enchanted Minnesota woods. While a lesser-known choice than previous selections (The Phantom Tollbooth, and Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book), Ursu's uniquely fantastical take on childhood growing pains makes the book a categorical must-read.

As with Backseat Book Club's previous selections, listeners will be given one month to get their hands on and bury their heads in Breadcrumbs. Throughout December, kids are invited to submit their thoughts, comments, and questions about the book online or at As the month commences, All Things Considered and Norris will lead an interactive discussion between Ursu and her readers.

As Norris' discussion with Ursu is a full month away, there is still plenty of time for kids to read the book and to participate in the discussion.

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