January 2, 2012
Anna Christopher, NPR





NPR News rings in the year from Iowa and New Hampshire, with comprehensive reporting, new digital features and two broadcast specials covering the first-in-the-nation political contests. NPR's Election 2012 team – detailed below – and hosts from Morning Edition and All Things Considered will report and offer special coverage from Des Moines on January 3 and Manchester on January 10, and provide in-depth political news for all NPR programs and NPR.org. Find NPR's coverage online at Election 2012.

NPR News "Election 2012": The Team

Covering the issues, candidates, polling and policies for NPR during Election 2012 are National Political Correspondents Don Gonyea and Mara Liasson; White House Correspondents Ari Shapiro and Scott Horsley; David Welna, Andrea Seabrook and Tamara Keith on Capitol Hill; Peter Overby on campaign finance; and Washington digital correspondent Liz Halloran; with dozens of contributions from NPR's national reporters. Overseeing all aspects of this coverage are elections editor Neal Carruth, and the Washington Desk: senior editor Ron Elving, deputy editor Beth Donovan, and editors Cathy Shaw and Shirish Date.

At NPR.org, It's All Politics, with lead blogger Frank James, tracks the latest news from the campaign trail to Capitol Hill. NPR has also partnered with the fact-checking web site PolitiFact for the Message Machine, which truth-squads TV and radio ads, Facebook messages, tweets and robocalls to sort out the truth in the avalanche of candidate claims. The Machine will also examine messages from congressional and gubernatorial races.

Later this morning, look for the launch of Pop-Up Politics at NPR.org, a video series featuring analysis and lively observations on political stump speeches, starting with three of the leading GOP candidates: Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

Iowa Caucuses, New Hampshire Primary: The Coverage

The "Election 2012" team will join All Things Considered senior host Robert Siegel for a two-hour live special covering the Iowa Caucuses on Tuesday, January 3 from 9-11PM (ET). Siegel's co-host Melissa Block will take the reins on Tuesday, January 10, leading coverage of the New Hampshire Primary from 9-11PM (ET). Both broadcasts will air on NPR Member stations across the country and be streamed on NPR.org and NPR Mobile.

The specials will include newsmaker interviews, candidate speeches and in-depth analysis from NPR contributors E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Matthew Continetti from the Weekly Standard, as well as polling insights from The Pew Center’s Andrew Kohut. At NPR.org, Mark Memmott will live blog results.

More than a dozen NPR journalists and hosts, and reporters from NPR Member stations, will be filing from Iowa and New Hampshire. Leading the reporting from Des Moines are Ari Shapiro, Don Gonyea, National Desk correspondent Ted Robbins, and reporters Sonari Glinton and David Schaper. Gonyea and Shapiro head straight to New Hampshire, where they will be joined by national and political correspondents Greg Allen, Mara Liasson, Liz Halloran, Brian Naylor, Robert Smith and Tovia Smith; Morning Edition and All Things Considered hosts Steve Inskeep and Robert Siegel; and photographer John Poole. Frank James will be in South Carolina.

On January 4, NPR will offer a free instant podcast of all caucus coverage, and a post-Iowa-pre-New Hampshire-edition of the It's All Politics podcast, with Ron Elving and Ken Rudin in Manchester.

Talk of the Nation "Political Junkie": The Tour

NPR's national call-in show Talk of the Nation is taking its popular "Political Junkie" segment on the road in the lead up to each primary. Host Neal Conan and resident Junkie Ken Rudin were in Iowa on December 28, and will broadcast from New Hampshire on January 4 and Florida on January 25 – the Wednesdays before the two primaries in those states – to explore the voting climate and how campaigns are shaping up. More stops on the Political Junkie World Tour are forthcoming.

NPR News "Election 2012" is focused on the leading issues, candidates, polling and policies. Special series have included Job 1, profiling the formative careers of the GOP candidates; and a look at how these tough times might shape early voting states. Election coverage is airing all NPR programs, and available at NPR.org.