For immediate release
December 15, 1998

NPR Selects Dalet Digital Media Systems
For Its News Production

WASHINGTON, DC - National Public Radio® (NPR®), which produces and distributes award-winning newsmagazines Morning Edition® and All Things Considered®, will move into the new millennium with digital audio editing and on-air delivery from Dalet Digital Media Systems. Analog tape and razor blades will become 20th century editing relics at NPR as it migrates to a digital system of more than 70 workstations linked by a 100 Mbps network to a "server farm," which will house news audio files.

"Dalet Digital Media Systems has proven to NPR that they currently have the best-integrated, most flexible and reliable architecture, as well as the ability to satisfy our customization needs for optimum workplace efficiencies," says Mike Starling, NPR's Vice President of Engineering. "Digital editing will enable NPR News to provide more and better content to our member stations and listeners." NPR began employing digital editing techniques in its newscasts in March, using a smaller Dalet network.

"Dalet is very pleased to be NPR News' choice for its digital production and on-air software," says Anna Mae Sokusky, President of Dalet Digital Media Systems. "NPR sets the standard for American radio broadcasting in many ways. I'm delighted that Dalet's software demonstrated its flexibility and power in achieving NPR's high standards."

Hard disk systems are rapidly replacing analog audio equipment in radio newsrooms worldwide. The large scale and constant pace of NPR's news operation presented a significant challenge to finding the best digital editing system - one that could manage workflow, automate repetitive tasks and enable multiple users to share audio and data files. NPR's new Dalet system will have the ability to provide CD-quality sound to 60 users at once.

Dalet Digital Media Systems is a leader in networked work group solutions, providing broadcasters with applications designed for a range of radio operations; capturing audio, editing, program scheduling, satellite automation, newsroom management, broadcasting, Web site production, portable editing and system security. Founded in Paris in 1990, Dalet has offices in New York, Washington, London, Paris, Madrid and Singapore. 400 broadcasters worldwide use Dalet digital audio systems, including the BBC, Radio Deutsche Welle and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Renowned for its journalistic excellence and providing standard-setting news, information and cultural programming, NPR serves a growing audience of 13 million Americans each week on 604 public radio stations. NPR also distributes programs to radio, satellite and cable listeners in Europe, Asia and Africa via NPR Worldwide, to military installations overseas via American Forces Network, and throughout Japan via the USEN 440 cable service. NPR can be accessed on-line at